Sweet Dreams Bailey

You came to visit for the night You stayed with Dad, Pep and Socks You watched as they walked into the woods A slight cough meant you couldn’t go with them You walked around the garden instead, keeping guard You saw them return and were glad You rested and slept, as they did too In […]

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Best Laid Plans

At the beginning of this year I planned to complete one half marathons every month in 2017. I started off well, with seven runs run by the first week of July. And then I sprained my ankle. August’s planned run was on the 1st, so that was moved to the 13th with hope that I […]

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Bird Feeders – A memory

It was a Saturday in February, a few weeks before your 9th birthday. I was waiting for my results to see which school I was going to go to that September. You had been out with someone (Mum or Dad) and had come back with something for me. There was a card, wishing me luck. […]

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I am now back at work after my four month sabbatical. I thought I would mind and have a real problem with returning, but I have reflected on what I have achieved while off, and have some plans going forward, so it’s not too bad. Achievements: Try new things – singing in public, stand up […]

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Today was OK

Just a small update on yesterday’s post: the trip to the hospital did not yield horrific, life-changing news as feared. It was just a review, some updates and a chat about a new course of treatment as things aren’t getting smaller as they should be.  Relief all round.  It was a good long trip out […]

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