New title, new plans

So my blog title was rubbish, but I have changed that now – hope you like it!


parkrun w. Laura

Things that have happened since the last half-happy, half-moany post:

  • I have run another 10k (more on that later)
  • I have signed up for another 10k trail run
  • I bought my first pair of trail shoes (I must be getting in to this!)
  • I ran overseas for the first time (only a couple of miles, but it counts OK!?)
  • I ran parkrun with a first timer: my best friend Laura (pic) who has been doing the NHS Couch to 5k plan and she did amazing!
  • I holidayed in Dalyan, Turkey (first time in the country – beautiful place, lovely, friendly locals and all very cheap!)
  • Oh, and I signed up for a marathon.

Yep. A marathon.

Why!? No idea, but it went like this:

Adam had already signed up to the Kent Roadrunner Marathon in May next year, which gave him another option in case he didn’t get into London (which he didn’t). It is local, reasonably priced and gives spectators 20 times to see their beloveds running past (it is many laps of a cyclopark). All good!

I do like a good read through of race information and FAQs and while reading through these for the above I started to think that maybe I could give this ago. It is a good distance away on the future, so lots of training time available, and I need a goal; a target, or I don’t get anything done!

My previous problems/issues with running are a lack of consistency. I start a training plan, do three weeks to the letter then give it up for a couple of weeks, then do one run in a week, then do a load, then back to 1/2 a week… I need to stop that. So what better than having to train because you have this massive goal to reach.

So… Adam and I are on a boat, cruising up the Dalyan River delta, talking about running, and I confessed that I had been looking at marathon training plans, and how they didn’t look to hard and maybe I could run one next year. Adam jumped on this, in his best, encouraging-way, and said I should sign up for the cyclopark one, but to be quick as places were running out (actually, it is now sold out!).

DalyanOnce back from holiday, I signed up. And I have found I am looking forward to it… What has happened to my brain!?

I am keeping it quiet though. I am not sure why, but I don’t want people knowing. Adam nearly told his Mum but I caught him and he stopped. It could be that I am worried that I don’t think I can do it, and am saving the embarrassment. Or that people will think I am reaching too far, and just being hopeful/too ambitious and I won’t actually get there as I am not consistent. Or that there is just no need to mention it. People will just talk about it otherwise and speculate and I don’t want that.

So silence it is. (Anyone reading this that I know in real-life: please keep it to yourself. Don’t even talk to me about it. Mainly as I don’t want to know you are reading this blog at all!)

On other bullet points…

10k PB:

I went for my usual(ish – see consistency issue above) Sunday morning run which was due to be longish (~5 miles). But somewhere along the line I decided to go for a 10k to see what I could do in a non-trail environment. I ran it (blah, blah – you don’t need the details, you know what running is like), reasonably enjoying the process, speeding up for the last little bit, finding I was running towards to building site hoardings but quickly turning around to the surprise of some following cyclists, and stopping as soon as I deemed reasonable (for Strava to accept it as a 10k), panting like a crazy person.

But, OH MY GOD – that feeling. It was amazing. I saw my watch give me a 10k PB (1:09.46) and a longest run PB (6.2 miles) and just started beaming. I started grinning (while trying to pant – not recommended), laughing, nearly crying and then waving my arms around. It was just awesome.

I walked back to the house (avoiding the students outside Tesco who would have thought I was off my head at that time on a Sunday) on top of the world. I was happier than I think I have ever felt (maybe on a par with finding out my degree results, but this was much more deserved probably) and couldn’t wait to tell Adam about it/to share it with anyone.

I grabbed a drink from the house and then basically started wandering around on the roads outside, knowing that Adam was due back soon. I probably looked quite lost and weird to any curtain-twitching neighbours, but I walked, grinning and occasionally laughing, until I saw him. I did a little hop-skippy jump thing down the road to him and blurted it out in a mad ramble.

The feeling lasted a little while before aches, pains and general feelings of shit-ness appeared, meaning I had to have a load of painkillers and a lie down later in the day to feel somewhat normal.

But, I liked the feeling and I hope to have that again. Probably not after the Beckenham Charity 10k Trail race this Sunday (as I haven’t run for 10 days and haven’t even worn in my new trail shoes).


UPDATE: have now run this  – shoes didn’t rip my feet apart but I did get a small blister. Adam has talked about this already, but basically, I am still getting over it. It was hard, I was under-prepared (the not running, the new shoes) and I felt like I would die at the end (literally thought I had forgotten how to breathe!). But I did it, which I didn’t think I could do during mile 2. I don’t want to be in that position again, so will try to keep on top of the training going forward. Consistency and all that…

(Sorry for the long post, it has been a month in the making, probably has no flow and changing tenses, so forgive me!)


4 thoughts on “New title, new plans

  1. Congrats on a new 10K PB, you will be ready for a marathon in no time 🙂 I’m loving trail runs and races at the minute, I think it’s time I upgraded my trail shoes too (I own a super cheapo pair..)

    It sounds like you have been busy lately, keep up the good work, and I lok forward to hearing how you progress with the marathon training.. 🙂


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