Not a bad week running…

Week 4 of my marathon plan actually went well! I completed all the runs (one slightly under length, but another made up for it, one even included my second fastest mile ever) and even managed a cross-training session on the static bike. The biggy though, was the long run. 9 miles. It may not seem […]

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Third Week Troubles

Third week on the training plan is complete. In the fact that it is now over. The correct number of runs/miles however were not completed: Status: Weeks completed: 3/18 Runs completed: 11/72 (planned: 12) Miles run:¬†45.6 (planned: 46) Longest run: 7.5 miles (07/02) I know I am only so slightly behind on the miles, but […]

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Going Part-Time?

I have been thinking of my work-life balance. It’s fine really – I work 7 hours a day, have an hour lunch, and have a 3 hour commute, making up an 11-hour working day. It’s nothing to complain about, especially as I get one day a week working from home, so I can then avoid […]

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26.2 here I come!

(First post in months, bad blogger, blah blah… I did start a post in November re: Paris attacks but you know how it is. I may finish it and get it up later.) Status: Weeks completed: 2/18 Runs completed: 8/72 Miles run: 33.4 (planned: 31) Longest run: 7.5 miles (07/02) I have started following Hal […]

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