26.2 here I come!

(First post in months, bad blogger, blah blah… I did start a post in November re: Paris attacks but you know how it is. I may finish it and get it up later.)

Weeks completed: 2/18
Runs completed: 8/72
Miles run: 33.4 (planned: 31)
Longest run: 7.5 miles (07/02)

I have started following Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 marathon plan. Actually doing it.Higdon

I have completed weeks 1 and 2 to the letter (number of runs correct and distances slightly beaten, run days varied) and it has been alright so far. I have even started feeling good post-run!

I think the two ‘prep’ weeks I did prior to starting helped by trying to get both my legs/body back into it, as well as getting it into my head that I need to actually start running to be able to get better at it…

So, without too much complaint I have got back into it (not that I was really in it before – looking at my Strava training log/calendar you can see the inconsistency of my running past).

But, I have now started so I will continue. I know it’ll get harder with the longer runs mid-week and on the weekend, but I have a schedule worked out, bending the miles around the runs I have booked/am looking at as well as the very few social bookings I have, and I am quite looking forward to running through the miles. (The spreadsheet with tracking graph, whiteboard and printed tick sheet are helping too – it doesn’t count unless it’s tracked in half a dozen places!)

Marathon Plan Feb16
I have always said that I enjoyed jobs where I have a stack of tasks and you just work steadily through them, moving from one pile to another. I just need to think of the runs and the miles as stacked in one pile (‘to be done’) and as I run them I get to move them to the other stack (‘completed’).

16 more weeks, 430 miles and 64 more runs to go…

There is an odd-ness to all this though.

Adam has hurt his knee (it stopped letting him run, no actually incident occurred) and, this year, all he has had is a few weeks of not running and a couple of running only twice a week, cross-training with some time on the static bike and the physio-prescribed exercises.

That has meant that I have been coming home after work and going for a run, while Adam pops onto the bike or plonks himself in front of the PS4 for some Star Wars-inspired battles (on rest days only, of course!). This hasn’t happened before – it has always been him up-and-out and me staying in bed for a longer lie-in or switching on the TV.

I could look at it as a show of my determination, but I think it is more of Adam’s non-running, and the comparison between the two.

I have felt some guilt a few times –  Adam is icing his knee and saying he may never be able to run again and I am complaining about having to go out and push out a 5k. I don’t have to go out, I am choosing to. I have that ability, while he does not at this time. I feel slightly ungrateful, but then you can apply that to lots of things: I can walk, while those in wheelchairs can’t, I can see while whose who are blind can’t etc.

I am hoping it won’t matter soon though as Adam will be rested, fixed and ready to run past me just like always. Balance will be restored (but with me actually running rather than playing at it).


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