To Royal Parks or not to Royal Parks

As I plan to complete a marathon this May, I saw no problem with entering the ballot for the Royal Parks half marathon in October. Both my partner and I were then granted a place.

He is probably not going to take up his place, but I still need to decide. Before tomorrow.

I know it is a highly praised race/run and that thousands hope for a place each year, so I am lucky in that I was granted one, but it is 16,000 people. 16,000! I have never been anywhere near that number of competitors in a race and probably won’t until then (if I do it).

There is also the thought of trekking up to London via train at stupid o’clock (am used to driving places now) and just being in that large a crowd, not even counting the supporters!

But it looks like a lovely route. I have only heard good things about it. I may never get a place again…

So, any one run this? Any pros/cons/considerations for me to deliberate about until I either do or do not confirm my place?

Please vote and give any comments/opinions please!


One thought on “To Royal Parks or not to Royal Parks

  1. I also managed to snaggle a place after missing out last year! I definitely think you should go for it – the route looks lovely and I am sure you would enjoy it on the day! 🙂

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