Third Week Troubles

Third week on the training plan is complete. In the fact that it is now over. The correct number of runs/miles however were not completed:

Weeks completed: 3/18
Runs completed: 11/72 (planned: 12)
Miles run: 45.6 (planned: 46)
Longest run: 7.5 miles (07/02)

I know I am only so slightly behind on the miles, but that actually is one run less (3 miles) than it should have been.

I can try to blame the missing run on either the trains running late on the Monday, or the fact I was feeling ill on Thursday (turning over stomach from being very, very angry at someone at work) and therefore didn’t hit the road on either occasion. I did however cross-train for the first time on Thursday (25mins on the static bike).

I am slightly miffed at this (and therefore can get angry again at annoying woman from work – damn her!), though I know I should shrug it off as you can’t always stick to a plan perfectly.

I should be looking back positively on my recent efforts, as last week was not the easiest to run in.

I ran during lunch on Wednesday (work from home day) and from the start it was awful. The bottom half of my lower legs just felt solid. They don’t seem to want to move, meaning my ankle seems to be locked at 90 degrees, and I am literally ‘plodding’ along. I hoped after a mile or so it would disappear, but nope. Just solidness. Even after stopping for stretching and walking to get it working. I was due to run 4 miles, but from the off it didn’t seem possible, and so was hoping to get out 3, but then I couldn’t work out when I would fit in my 4 mile run, so I ‘plodded’ on, being uncomfortable with every step.

But I did it. All 4 miles. (On the dot.)

On Saturday I thought about running early, but a cream cheese bagel tempted me to put it off until after we had wandered up to town (Gillingham) and the market to buy bread rolls and cakes (yum!). I justified it by saying it would be a good warm up for my ‘solid’ legs as long as I went out straight afterwards. But the bad weather came early. We walked back home in it: the freezing cold rain being blown into our faces. So enthusiasm was not high.

But, I managed to get myself up and out, with the plan to complete at least 3 miles and then leave the 5 miles I had to do until Sunday.

I ran randomly, not looking at my watch for the distance, and my music meant I didn’t hear the beeps on the miles, so when I looked down hoping to be around 2 miles, it was more, and I was feeling good. The legs were working (yey!) and the wind was only bothering me at in certain directions, so I decided to give the 5 miles a go.

I hit a wall of rain and wind on the NW side of St. Mary’s Island, and found that you can get a really sore neck from leaning the brim of my (partner-borrowed) hat into the torrent!

But then it was over. I had run the 5 miles. In the awful weather. I had got myself out into the abyss, when home was so warm (and there was cake!). My pace wasn’t even that bad (for me anyway).cake.jpg

I should be proud of that. I could have not bothered. But I know I can’t get better unless I put in the miles, and the time, and the effort.

So I am hoping I now have a memory/knowledge of being able to get it done to help me going forward when times are harder. I know I have been out in the worst the weather can throw at me (for now anyway) and I can complete those miles.

I just must remember that when I start out on my 9 mile run this week…



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