Not a bad week running…

Week 4 of my marathon plan actually went well!

I completed all the runs (one slightly under length, but another made up for it, one even included my second fastest mile ever) and even managed a cross-training session on the static bike.

The biggy though, was the long run. 9 miles.

It may not seem a lot to those seasoned runners, but I remember this time last year when a 5k seemed like a mountain (and has even done a few times since), so the prospect of three times the length was scary.

I planned it in for Sunday, and prepared by not eating a load of rubbish on Saturday (which I usually do) and then sleeping badly and worrying in the 30 minutes I had between getting up and running.

I have felt nervous pre-run before, but only for races. And only before races I wasn’t sure I could complete at the time (the Shoreham 10k – my first 10k ever and first trail race) and the Beckenham 10k Trail (I hadn’t run for 2/3 weeks before it).

Two weeks previously, I had run 7.5 miles (my longest run) and it didn’t seem like a massive thing – just a tad longer than a 10k. But this extra 1.5 miles had me worried.

I set out in good spirits though (even in the wind) thanks to Adam who talked me through it – made me eat a little, drink just enough and told of how he used to get nervous pre-long run (though he was looking at more 16-20 miles).

Basically, it was fine. I stayed relaxed, kept the pace comfortable and just headed in the right direction (Adam gave me a steer on a good 9 mile route).

I ran to Rochester Riverside walk which I had only been to once before, and enjoyed, so was looking forward to seeing it (and the new Rochester station from the other side). Though I found it hard to look up at the views. My head was down, even pre-wind, so I missed a lot which was annoying once I realised.

Anyway, blah, blah, I finished it. It felt good. It felt like I achieved something. Which is good as I have to do 10 miles next week…

We are very lucky with where we live: I get to edit my Strava run titles and include place names such as ‘Dockyard’, ‘Museum Hill’, ‘Horrid Hill’ – all steeped in history and enough interest or prettiness to keep your mind of running for a few minutes. We have parks either end of our road as well as countryside, towns and rivers minutes away. I didn’t expect this when I moved to Gillingham, but I am very glad we did.

Weeks completed: 4/18
Runs completed: 15/72 (planned: 16)
Miles run: 64.9 (planned: 65)
Longest run: 9 miles (21/02)


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