10 miles down

Last week I had to run 10 miles as my long run, as part of my Hal Higdon Novice 1 training plan.

I had run 9 miles the weekend before which had freaked me out beforehand, and even knowing this was the same but a mile longer, I freaked out even more.

I was having a little something to eat, having something to drink etc. and getting ready, as was my partner. The week before, he calmed me down then got out of my way and out on his run, as he thought he was making things worse by talking to me (he really is always a great help – bless him!). This time around, even knowing it was just one more little mile, I just couldn’t get my head to think sensibly and I panicked.

Adam tried reminding me that I can just run as far as I can and then walk back if need be. I reminded him that if I give up on the route I plan to do then I could end up 3/4 miles from home and that is quite a walk. He said that I may as well just run it then!

Even his joking didn’t help though and I actually got a bit upset (I do that – when scared I cry. I have previous on this at Go Ape, Leeds Castle which was supposed to be a birthday treat…).

But I stopped (running post-cry is not great for your breathing) and got out there.

It was fine. Nothing bad, nothing great. Just fine. I did it: ticked off the miles, even maybe enjoyed some of it once I realised I was going to complete it and I even managed a negative-split with the first 5 miles in an hour, the second in 58:20 (was very glad to get under 2 hours).

This week is a ‘strengthening’ week, so less miles, but then back up next week with a long run of 12 miles to get done. Hopefully I will freak out less next time around!

Weeks completed: 5 (6 tomorrow)/18
Runs completed: 21/72 (planned: 23)
Miles run: 95.8 (planned: 97)
Longest run: 10 miles (28/02)


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