Illness stopped play

I was due to complete a long run of 12 miles this week. That didn’t happen as I was full of cold and could just about walk up the stairs, so running was not to be.

I started feeling off on Tuesday, but felt alright enough to attend an Audience with the Olympians Inspire Evening at Chatham Dockyard, hosted by Medway Council. I had won some tickets in the public ballot, entering only as Adam has a bit of a thing for Amy Williams who was going to be attending/interviewed/generally in the room.

It was a great evening; a few nibbles and drinks to settle us in, then take a seat and wait for the chatting. BBC’s Eleanor Oldroyd was presenting, and Amy was joined on the stage by Mhairi Spence (former Modern Pentathlon World Champion). It was an evening about girls/women in sport: both currently and inspiring those to get into it, either participating, coaching or supporting in any way. It really was very interesting and was topped off perfectly by Amy Williams throwing her Olympic Gold medal at Adam, getting to hold it and have a little chat with her.

I was really impressed by this event, as I have been with many of those put on by Medway Council. We have attended all those we can since we moved, as they are free, accessible and just brilliant! If you are local you should give some a go.

But back to the running…

I ran the 7 miles I had to complete last week, and found them much harder than the 10 the week before. Not sure why, but they were.

This week I was doing none. I couldn’t walk far without feeling knackered and awful, I kept getting dizzy, my whole head was full of fluff. It wasn’t pretty. So I didn’t run.

I was feeling better by the weekend though, so hopes were that I could get some sort of a run out of me.

Adam had left for his first long run in over 2 months (10 miles and his legs didn’t break – yey!) and I just stood in the kitchen trying to work out what to do. Do I expect to run a 5k, so just get out there any do it? Or do I hope to do the full 12 miles and therefore take a drink and some sort of energy to consume?

I thought I would be doing not much, but hoped for the latter and didn’t want to be out there and feeling good, but unable to keep running as I had no sustenance. So I prepped a bottle and took an energy gel.

And it was fine. The first mile was a mess, making me think I would run a 5k and go home, but it got better!

I saw on someone else’s blog on here (sorry, I can’t remember who it was!) that they had a plan A, B and C for a race. So I set my own while I ran:

Plan A: 12 miles
Plan B: 8 miles
Plan C: 10k

I was on for C as I headed back towards home, but then B seemed achievable, so I kept on. Then it was such a nice morning (sunny, still etc.) that I went on a bit more. 9 miles. It seemed a good number: 75% of what I was supposed to do, when I wasn’t feeling 100%.


I did suffer the rest of the day though, just as I used to on much shorter runs, when I was very inconsistent with it all, so just ran and burnt out. But I am so glad I did it. I banked more miles (not as much as I should have, but not bad for a week ill), actually quite enjoyed running (for the first time!?), had my first energy gel and actually ran my second longest run while still semi-ill!

Not too bad. I am due to run my first half-marathon distance this weekend. It could be reduced due to the past week, or I may be able to do it. Let’s see I guess!

Weeks completed: 7/18
Runs completed: 23/72 (planned: 28)
Miles run: 111.9 (planned: 128)
Longest run: 10 miles (28/02)


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