Running Wild

Well not quite wild, but running randomly.

I had to run 10 miles this Easter weekend, and with no real plan I headed out on Sunday, half hoping the weather would get so bad I would be forced to return, and half hoping to get it done so I didn’t have to attempt it again on Monday when the weather would be worse.

After my lack of water issue last weekend I opted for a larger bottle, which meant I stole Adam’s Osprey Solo running belt (received free with a magazine subscription) which he used once and gave up on after a bad experience. I, however, loved it – it sat comfortably in the small of my back (once I removed my clip-on mp3 player from my waistband that it kept knocking off), it held enough water and a gel and I didn’t have to think about it at all. I will definitely be using that going forward (once I figure out how to fit more gels/nutrition into it’s small pockets).

I headed out in the usual direction, around the outside of St. Mary’s Island, with the plan to run to Rochester Riverside and back again, but as I went towards Chatham I changed my mind (the wind was picking up) and I headed up to Great Lines (via a lot of MoD property…) to take in the views over Chatham/Rochester, before climbing all of 100m of Chatham Hill (cheat!) and then along the old A2 to the business park and back down to home.

That meant the last 2 miles was downhill with a wind behind me – perfect!

great lines^ The view from Great Lines, Gillingham

I had been meaning to do this route for a long time, but it hadn’t come up, so I made it so, and actually found myself enjoying the freedom of it all. I guess this is what running can bring you – a sense of being able to go anywhere, see anything, just under your own power (and in much shorter times than walking).

I said I would stick to the plan this week, and roughly have, as I did skip a 4-mile mid-week run, but I think a whole Good Friday of gardening and housework acted as some sort of cross-training, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

Training Plan Status:
Weeks completed: 9/18
Runs completed: 28 (pre-Half: 25/32)
Miles run: 148.8
Longest run: 13.1 miles (20/03)

Only 9 weeks to go now, and many more miles to cover, but I am finding I have an issue:
I am happy enough to complete the long runs on the weekend but I am finding it difficult to drag myself out during the week for the shorter (though now increasing) runs.

I get a day a week working from home which you would think would help, but still it is hard to get out there. I can’t blame the weather as I would much prefer it chilly than warm. I can’t blame my workload making me work through my lunch hour or keeping me on the laptop past my 9 to 5. It is just me. I don’t want to do it.

If you have read my other blog posts you may have seen my little glimpses into the joys of running: feeling runner’s high after a successful 10k, getting to the important 13.1 mile point, and even the above comment on feeling the freedom it can bring. But I can’t get these to tie all together and make my brain and body know that this is good for me, that I am lucky to be able to do this, that I am getting better and that maybe I can run this marathon, that I can enjoy running.

My partner loves his running (though he is currently out of the game though injury) and feels wrong when he doesn’t get to do it. I have felt the slightly antsy legs a day or so after a long run (when I should be getting out there for a recovery run anyway!) but it’s just not in me. Yet, I hope.

Anyway, enough of this moaning!

Did you felt this when you first started/committed to running or at any point since, and if you over came it either through just getting out there and doing it or some sort of brain surgery/hypnosis. Let me know please!


5 thoughts on “Running Wild

  1. You’re a fellow Kent person! I got excited when I saw the mention of Chatham lol – I’m not in Medway but not too far from it. And I 100% relate to the weekday run, I so much prefer running on the weekend, even though it’s longer. Really would should prefer the smaller base runs in the week, tis very confusing.

    Also I’ve never seen Gillingham look as nice as in your picture lol.

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