Last night Adam and I went to see The End of Longing, written and starring Matthew Perry. I can’t wholeheartedly recommend going to watch it, but it was fun and we had a laugh. The set was great but the whole feel of it was a little off; less theatre and more American sitcom on a […]

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Times down, distances up

A few things have happened since my last post, so I will just start writing and see what comes out: I ran the ‘strengthening’ 12 miles with no problem (except of course getting out of the house, but it was fine once out there). My issues with mid-week runs have not disappeared, but I have […]

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Ranscombe Spring Challenge

For Adam’s birthday back in January we planned to run the Jeskyns Challenge nr. Gravesend. This was called off/postponed as the park was too wet and running the course would have damaged the park. Fair enough. I took this as an opportunity to move my place to the Ranscombe Spring Challenge on 9th April, with the […]

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Norfolk Prime

We have just returned from 3 lovely days in Norfolk with two of our friends (who escaped parenting duties of their 3 year-old for two nights). I also turned 31 (a good thing as it is a prime number and Reacher likes prime numbers – let me take some positivity from that!) Norfolk is rather lovely. I […]

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Too big too soon?

Looking at the tags on this post you will be able to sum up my 15 mile run on Sunday. Remember Sunday? That really warm day we had? Especially during 12-3, which exactly coincided with my run… It was my fault really, I guess, but I have excuses! Issue 1: I was standing up for […]

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