Norfolk Prime

We have just returned from 3 lovely days in Norfolk with two of our friends (who escaped parenting duties of their 3 year-old for two nights).

I also turned 31 (a good thing as it is a prime number and Reacher likes prime numbers – let me take some positivity from that!)

Norfolk is rather lovely.

I won’t bore you with details, but I enjoyed it and would definitely return.

We were based in Hickling and the gorgeous Dairy Barns (highly recommended: beautiful and friendly B&B) so explored outwards from there, including:

Horsey Beach – complete with hundreds of seals!

Hickling Broad

Wroxham Broad – we hire a boat for an hour and took it in turns to captainBoat

Stalham – for a birthday curry at Oasis 2 (again – highly recommended)Curry

Southwold (town & pier)

Great Yarmouth pier

Ormesby Broad – the Boathouse

Ranworth Broad & church (climbed up to the top)Ranworth Church

If you haven’t ever been to Norfolk Broads then do – it is a great place to wander, drive, run: just generally explore.


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