Times down, distances up

A few things have happened since my last post, so I will just start writing and see what comes out:

  1. I ran the ‘strengthening’ 12 miles with no problem (except of course getting out of the house, but it was fine once out there).
  2. My issues with mid-week runs have not disappeared, but I have just chosen to ignore the plan (probably not the best idea) and just do something; anything to be running. So last week I just set out along the Saxon Shore Way and just ran.

    I could feel I was running slightly faster than I usually do to start  when just getting miles done, and this was confirmed by the watch when it beeped for my first mile. I didn’t think much of it, but then the second mile beeped at a shorter time (even thought I was now off-road), so I thought I should just keep pushing it a little and do a nice 5 mile run at a good pace.

    But then I did the maths… I could be on for a fastest 5k if I pushed a little harder. That would be good. So I did. I pushed, and ran, and… didn’t do it. But it was good to get close as I haven’t ‘raced’ that distance in a while. It made me realise that I may be getting faster as well as able to cover longer distances.

    So then I walked a bit, then started up again and trotted along back the way I came thinking I would just go home.

    But then I did the maths… I could possibly get a good 5 mile time out of this, having run a fast 3 miles. So I ran. Through the traffic lights and over the junctions (it is a bit road-y near me) and I did it – a 5mile PB by 48s.

    Not bad I thought and started walking, thinking I may just jog to the hour.

    But then I did the maths… I had a good 16 minutes(!) to get in 1.2 miles and I could get a 10k PB! So I ran again. Around and around in loops of some apartment buildings/down the side of ASDA car park (it is a bit of a hotch-potch of buildings near me) and I did it – a 10k PB by 3:49. A week after my last 10k PB too!

    I was happy with that. It sort of makes up for the 9 miles I should have run.


  3. I ran 18 miles on Sunday. 18! That is far if you didn’t know…

    I had read on wordpress somewhere (will try to find who it was and update) the blog of a lady who needed to run 15 miles and she did 5 different loops of 3 miles around her house, popping in after each one to cross it off of her list, have a drink etc. and get back out there. I liked that idea. So I decided to apply it to this distance.

    I thought a nice loop of 12 miles (do-able) followed by a 6 mile loop (do-able) would be the best idea. I could come back after the first, get some more water, wash my face, pick up more food, visit the loo etc. and get back out and do a leisurely 10k. Easy, right!?


    It was fine, really. Well the first part. I knocked off the miles of my first loop reasonably comfortably in fine running weather (cool, a little rainy at times, with some hail!) and even made it a little longer on the first loop (13.6 miles) so I wouldn’t have so much to do post home-visit.

    I fell through the door and thanks to Adam managed to fill up my water bottle (though it didn’t need much as I hadn’t drank enough), grab another gel, wash my face and change my shoes (I could feel some awful blisters coming on in my current pair).

    And that is when the awfulness started. 4.4 miles of ow-iness.

    My feet felt odd from running for nearly 3 hours in one pair of shoes and suddenly being thrown into another pair, and my legs just felt so very heavy. I really did have to drag myself around but I still did only walk when I really needed to.

    I got myself home (again after having to run around laps of the hotel/apartments to get the distance) and promptly burst into tears. I think Adam thought I had hurt myself or something had happened to me. But no: just a girl crying because she had ran.

    I don’t think it was relief, or pride, or enormous pain, as I didn’t feel any of that afterwards. It was just crying. Big sobs of crying. I got over it pretty quickly and we moved on with our lives (drinking chocolate milk – yum!).

    So that was that. I hobbled around the next day at work, and had to wear UGGs just so I could walk at all.


  4. I had a bath! My first in the house, my first in maybe 6 years actually. Adam suggested it for my achy legs and it was oh, so nice… So warm and comforting and just… mmm…. Until I had to get up, and have a shower. Ow. But think I may have to do that again: me likey!
  5. I have ‘announced’ my marathon. I told my Dad on Sunday and work today. I need the reason, the pressure to keep going now, and I want the money to start rolling in for Cancer Research (donate here if you wish: https://www.justgiving.com/clasmirfl). Race for Life

    I wrote and re-wrote the email I was going to send out over and over again, with lots of help from Adam, as I wanted to get it right – I wanted to make people realise I was being serious about this but while making it personal (telling my side of having cancer affect my loved ones) and making people want to give money to the cause.

    I was properly nervous when I finally pressed send, but everyone has been great about it (except one quite shocked and confused manager who made me feel a little unworthy, but we’ll ignore him!). I have already raised 25% of my target (£262: £10 a mile) so am doing well. I think the promise of carbs in the week leading up to it may have helped.

That’s about it. Oh, I have also opened up my blog to people I know in real life. I hoped it would encourage them on their running journey (some are just starting out/getting back in to it/going that bit further, and all doing amazing by the way!) by letting them see my pains and struggles with running. Or at least give them a laugh at my running-ramblings.

Next up is 14 miles this weekend and then the peak of my training plan: 20 miles the weekend after. Before I get to taper. And eat 🙂

Just a month to go now!

Training Plan Status:
Weeks completed: 13/18
Runs completed: 39 (pre-Half: 25/32)
Miles run: 242
Longest run: 18 miles (24/04)


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