Pre-Marathon Freak Out

I should have gone into the office today. At least that would have distracted me. I was fine this morning. I have been fine this whole week. Even looking forward to it. But this afternoon (just around the time I received a lovely good luck card from some friends), I have started to freak out. […]

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Post-Marathon Plans

I remember hearing something about making sure you have plans after you get married so that once the wedding day is over, you still have something to do, to work towards etc. so you don’t get depressed and start wondering what the whole thing was all about. I am not getting married. But I am running a […]

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Tapering Begins

I am in my last three weeks of training, which means I am now tapering. I ran (ha!) my last long run of 20 miles on Saturday: getting up and out by 7:30am to try and avoid the heat that was due to hit us. It didn’t work. It was hot. I went out in a lightweight […]

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