Adam has gone for a run and I haven’t

We both had slightly jippy tummys this morning (sorry Ad!), probably from celebrating Adam’s sister’s birthday last night: lovely food, but too much of it as well as way too much sweet stuff, then some dancing, SingStar and an early morning drive back. We lay-in a while, but weren’t feeling the greatest upon rising.

But Adam has got himself out of the door and I haven’t. He doesn’t know how far he will run, but he is out there.

I am not. I have to run 14 miles this weekend. It is sunny. Possibly too sunny to run for 3 hours. Either I should have started earlier (I can’t now change this), or I can just go out later. I have opted for later (as no real choice now).

So here I am; sitting, instead of running.

Sweeps Festival, Rochester (we went yesterday – no relevance to the post)

We have next week off of work. We planned (only mentally) a trip to Copenhagen, but it didn’t magically get booked, so we are instead staycationing. We are going to go do all those things we say we should go and do as we went past them, or saw them advertised. We have a wealth of lovely places on our doorstep and we never make the time to go see/do them. So now we will.

We are also planning a night away; somewhere not very far from home, but just not here, so that we can make it a bit more holiday-y as well as meaning we can maybe wake up and run somewhere new.

I think I like the idea of that. Just running. Wherever you like. No pressure. Just for fun. I am looking forward to when I can do that.

I have only been on my training plan for 14 weeks, and am only 4 weeks away from finishing (OMG – 4 weeks !!!! That is soon…) but I think I am done now. I want to be off the plan for a while – to just go do. So just 4 more weeks until then. If I ever want to run again after a marathon, that is.


(Maybe I should have just run and saved everyone from the random post of nothing much.)


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