Training Peaks

Not the website, but what tomorrow is for me.

I am going to run 20 miles tomorrow as part of my marathon training plan. This will be my longest training run prior to the marathon in 3 weeks time.

15 weeks of training. Not all the runs completed, but the long runs have been hit (bar one due to illness which was 9 instead of 12 and another which was supposed to be 16 but I did a hard-trail half instead).

Bit this is the biggy. The longest of the long. Until the marathon that is.

Then I get to taper. This is the time where I get to freak out that I should have put more time in, more miles, more effort. I have been worrying about all these things for weeks anyway so this shouldn’t be a change to the norm.

I am going to do this marathon. I will not do it well. I will not do it fast. But I will do it. Even if I don’t complete in the 6 hour limit I will just run around the car park until I cover the distance (I even have a backup medal on order from POW Virtual Running in this case). Then it will be done.

Until recently I thought I would want this marathon out of the way and then concentrate on shorter, speedier runs (I really, really do need more speed) but knowing that this marathon will be a long, hard slog, I think that maybe I will want to do this again. Better, cleverer and with some kind of speed next time! And with a much less embarrassing time to boast about.

So maybe this is the longest of my long training runs this time around, but there may be a next time.

Also, this made me laugh:


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