Kent Roadrunner – 10 days to go

10.5 really, but that doesn’t have as nice a ring to it!

We received our running numbers by email today – look how nice they are!

Kent RR Number

If you were quick enough you could have picked a ‘lucky number’ but I have none, so I got what I was given.

For the Ranscombe Spring Challenge we also received random numbers (I am sure there is an order to it) and I managed to pass a lot of time while running that race to think about what that number could be divisible by – any prime numbers, what it’s factors were etc. If I managed not to think about this number until the 28th I may be able to do the same to while away the hours running in a circle.

On Sunday I completed my last double digit long run prior to the marathon: 12 miles. I really didn’t want to go and do it, and set out only thinking of doing ~8 miles or even less as I had some weird leg/knee pains going on, but once I was out there I thought: if I can do 8 then I can do 10, and then if I can do 10 then I may as well do the full 12. I think I even half enjoyed it! I ran downhill just after 4 miles and when I hit the bottom I felt good. Just nice, and relaxed and kind of fit. That feeling didn’t last long, but it was nice to have for a little while anyway.

Today I just have very achy, stiff, sore legs. I am sure the 4 miles I have to bang out tonight will ease them up.

I like tapering 🙂 The distances are so much smaller and easier to mentally manage when you think about going home, getting changed and heading out for only 4 miles instead of something like 8 (which I never did do…) But I am sticking to the plan for these last two weeks – hopefully it will help on the day. It had better help on the day…

I think I am looking forward to this now. I am not sure if I am looking forward as I want it over, or because it may actually be fun – standing on a hill with a flat, wide track in front of me; 20 bands on my wrist ready to be thrown off after each lap; access to food and drink every 2km; possibly seeing friends/family over and over again, and then maybe, just maybe, I will finish in time and get a whopping great medal for my efforts. (Or if not, a nice tour of the car park until I finish.)

Either way, I hope this feeling stays, until the race start at least, but I am expecting some nerves and anxiety – I have seen it in Adam before his runs, and even in myself before a 10k race, or even a long training run. But this is the biggie.

Training Plan Status:
Weeks completed: 16/18
Runs completed: 46 (pre-Half: 25/32)
Miles run: 305
Longest run: 20 miles (07/05)


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