Post-Marathon Plans

I remember hearing something about making sure you have plans after you get married so that once the wedding day is over, you still have something to do, to work towards etc. so you don’t get depressed and start wondering what the whole thing was all about.

I am not getting married. But I am running a marathon.

So, I have started thinking of what I will do post-marathon and what I can achieve without an 18 week training plan taking up my time and energy.

So far I have come up with:

  • Holiday! (probably not until September/October though)
  • Get the house sorted: we have been living in a half-wallpaper-stripped, half-plastered state for a while (6 months) and it would be good to get something finished
  • Lose some weight – get healthy and stronger


Oh, and some running/exercise ones too:

  • Run with friends: I have two friends who are doing amazingly well with their training for 10ks and it would be nice to run with them occasionally
  • Maybe start run with my Dad – he started a C25K plan last year but stopped for a few reasons: maybe I can get him back into it and get him up to 5k and a parkrun maybe!?
  • Get my times down on everything: mile, 5k, 10k, half
  • Maybe get on the bike I have had for a few months (which does need fixing first) and explore a bit further around the local area
  • Run parkrun when I feel like it as it doesn’t matter if I run fast one Saturday morning and jeopardise a Sunday long run
  • Run different parkruns – we have loads near us that would be good to run


That all sounds good right!? Just need to get this 26.2 miles out of the way…



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