Triple Race Challenge: 1 – Race for Life

Triple Race Challenge:

  1. Gillingham Race for Life 5k, 22.05.16 – DONE!
  2. Kent Roadrunner Marathon, 28.05.16
  3. Harvel5, 04.06.16

Not much to say on this one – I didn’t give it any/much thought in light of the marathon that is looming next week, so basically just pulled it all together in the morning: finding safety pins, deciding what to wear, writing my ‘I Race for Life for…’ back sign.

Adam was great in my place – packing a bag of drinks, snacks (for him), a post-run jumper, sunglasses and making me put on some sun cream (which was needed in the end).RfL2

The usual Medway Race for Life is in Rochester, but for some reason it was in Gillingham at Great Lines park this time around, which was perfect for me being only a 15min walk away. This did meant I didn’t know the course though. I was in the same position for the Rochester route last year, but at least I could see it from previous runner’s published routes so could picture it as bit – I was going in blind this time. Which helped I think: I didn’t know what to expect, so I just thought to keep a steady pace not knowing when a hill might appear.

The first mile was warm and pretty awful but I know the first mile of any run is bad so I bared with it. The rest was quite gentle: only a few inclines and varying terrain so that kept it interesting, as well as being on new ground so I could distract myself with views over Rochester & Strood.

I started to pick it up for the last km as it was on a downhill but then I realised that the finish was after another lap of the field, so slowed it down and just covered the distance, but as I stepped onto the path for the last ~60m and I heard someone behind me I picked it up and sprinted the end.

The clock read 31:48 but the distance read 3.04 miles, so not quite 5k. I didn’t mind – it wasn’t a PB-attempting race, just the first race of the three I am completing over two weeks.


It wasn’t the easiest 5k I have run. Just like the 8 miles the day before. I am supposed to be running a marathon on Saturday and I can’t just bang out an easy 5k or a reasonable 8 miles. Adam has tried to put my mind at rest by saying that I am still recovering from the heavy mileage weeks of late and it will all fall into place by the end of the week and I am listening to him, and every time I think something negative I am managing to put it to one side… I just hope I can keep that up for just a few more days!


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