Pre-Marathon Freak Out

I should have gone into the office today. At least that would have distracted me.

I was fine this morning. I have been fine this whole week. Even looking forward to it. But this afternoon (just around the time I received a lovely good luck card from some friends), I have started to freak out.

It is huge. I have to run a FREAKING MARATHON tomorrow.

I have been confident about this: maybe I wouldn’t do it in the time allowed, but I was going to cover this distance no matter what. I still intend on doing that. But it is now just dawning on me what this is.

It didn’t help that I found out last night the field is 450, not the 1,000 I was thinking would be there. That ups the chances of me being last two-fold. 😦

We are going to register tonight, so at least we can see the lay of` the land, and maybe that will calm me a bit. Adam is still being wonderful and helping me know that this is normal: I will feel like this, but to have faith in the preparation… God help you Hal Higdon if I bomb after just 10 miles!

Deep breaths Claire, deep breaths.


In other news, a young boy just walked past the house and put the windscreen wipers down on our car (which was drying after being washed). I stood up to get annoyed at him, but saw him carefully out them down, then thumbs-up the windscreen. Love it! He then crossed the road, picked up a drinks can, held it so it emptied, then carefully pressed his foot into it so it caught on his shoe, then walk down the road with it tapping every other step. Sometimes life makes you smile.

Now… back to stressing…



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