The ABCs of Me

[Copied from The Running Rebel (who poached it from someone else).] A is for: Adam – my partner and my best friend. Nothing is good unless he is with me. We are similar in so many ways (family, how we grew up etc.) and we met at just the right time in my life (online). […]

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General Malaise

I have been off for a few days and I couldn’t put my finger on what it is. Adam got it exactly right when he said I had a state of ‘general malaise’. All I know is that I am just finding it hard to see the good. Well, I see it but the bad […]

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Should I keep running?

Bless me running gods, for I have been lazy. It has been 20 days since my last blog. It has been even longer since I have done a reasonable run. None since the marathon actually. I know I should be on less miles as part of my recovery, but I have not been following the […]

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