The ABCs of Me

[Copied from The Running Rebel (who poached it from someone else).]

A is for:
Adam – my partner and my best friend. Nothing is good unless he is with me. We are similar in so many ways (family, how we grew up etc.) and we met at just the right time in my life (online). He runs (and is good at it), he makes me laugh and he is the best kisser. We have been together over 5 years and we bought a house together 18 months ago. He is my rock and I don’t ever want to be without him.
(There is no more gushy stuff in the rest of this, I promise.)strand

B is for:
Barney – our beautiful Golden Retriever who died while I was away at Uni. I was crushed when he passed and I can only really feel sad when I think about him.

C is for:
Cheese & chocolate – love them. In a choice between the two, I could never give up cheese but would like chocolate to stay in my life!

D is for:
Dogs – love them. My dad dog-sits so I get to meet loads of different breeds and personalities. We hope to have one ourselves, but we work in London so are out of the house too much for a dog. One day…

med swimE is for:
Europe – I was lucky enough to go on a 16-day coach tour of Europe in 2010 where I got to see 12 countries. It was amazing. I got to paraglide in the Alps, swim in the Mediterranean, tour the Vatican, wander around Monaco and make a wish at the Trevi Fountain (which came true).


F is for:
Family – I have a small immediate family: Mum, Dad and sister Amy. Amy has three children (Sophie, Ryan & Hannah) so she has pretty much doubled us all on her own.

G is for:
Graveney Close – the road I grew up on and my dad still lives on. I remember riding my bike in loops around it, messing about with skateboards and playing hours and hours of Kerby.

H is for:
Holidays – we went on quite a few family holidays when I was younger but as a teenager we only did a couple of trips. Since I have been with Adam we have been to most of the Greek islands, New York, Ireland and Turkey. Hopefully many more too.

I is for:
Italian food – if I were to pick one cuisine for the rest of my life it would be Italian; gotta love those carbs!

bday mumJ is for:
Judy – my Mum, who does such a hard job but found her vocation at age 50 and gives me the hope that I will work out what I want to do and may just get there. She ran her own business for 10 years which was her dream, and although it didn’t stick I am so proud of her for giving it a go.

K is for:
Kids – I am not sure on whether I want to have children. I have never felt maternal, have no idea what to do with children and haven’t ever felt that want. Things may change though.

L is for:
Laura – my best (girl)friend. We met in year 7 (age 11); we have had an interesting relationship for 20 years, but I now live near her and her little family and it is lovely 

KRR16-mainbatch2gw-51M is for:
Marathon – I completed my first marathon (Kent Roadrunner Marathon) in May this year after training for 18 weeks. I did it, and didn’t hate it, so another may be on the cards in the future, but I struggle with my feelings about running so we shall see.


N is for:
Nigella’s Nutella Cheesecake. No cooking, just cream cheese, Nutella, biscuits, sugar and nuts. Perfection.

O is for:
Onomatopoeia – what a great word. I remember it from school and I even know what it means. Though I have forgotten how to spell it apparently.

P is for:
Past – I like my life as it is (mainly) but pasts are important and I hope to never be ashamed of mine, or judge anyone based on theirs; our pasts get us to where we are today and for me, that is a good thing.

Q is for:
Quidditch – Laura (see L) and I ran a successful Harry Potter role-playing site while at university. This meant sometimes hitting the computer labs at midnight to either take part in, or umpire Quidditch matches between the houses as most of the users were in the US/Australia and we worked around them.

R is for:
Running – I came late to running (late-20s) and have been on and off with it for years. I started with a C25K programme and have now completed a marathon (see M) but I am SLOW so I need to get faster or give it up.

S is for:
Smith – my surname, but it almost wasn’t… my parents were possibly going to change their name to Farnsworth (my Dad’s Mum’s maiden name) when they got married. Am so glad they didn’t!

T is for:
Tony – my Dad, who is now retired from years of software analysis, but he now does home-kennelling (he treats the dogs as if they were at home: same bed, same food, same time of walks etc.). He has cancer (we found out Christmas 2014) but has had an operation to remove the worst and just has to have an injection once a month, so life is not really different. In fact he is probably the slimmest and fittest I have ever known him. He has even started jogging a bit around the fields he walks the dogs in, which is a world away from the man who would comment on the ‘silly runners’ he used to see about. (Maybe me meeting Adam and his running made him stop saying that when we were around!)

dad dog2.jpg

U is for:
University – I went to Lancaster University and studied Physics with Mechanical Engineering. It was my first time away from home and it gave me all the experiences uni should give you, both good and bad, and I am so glad I went, even though I haven’t really used the degree since!

V is for:
Venice – of all the places on my Europe trip (see E), this place I loved the most for wandering around. You really do get lost in the little streets; even the people who work there don’t know where anything is (we asked a shop-keeper to put themselves on our map and they had to guess!). it also had amazing ice-cream and gorgeous views from up the top of St Mark’s Campanile (which I climbed alone – the others went to the church itself).


W is for:
Weight – I have always been a bit over-weight and have dieted on and off for as long as I can remember. I either need to get over it, or do something about it. Just waiting for the inspiration to come for one of these things.

X is for:
X-rays – I have only ever been x-rayed for a broken wrist from roller-blading when I was 14 and my hand getting cut by drying up a pint glass. Nothing too exciting – luckily!

Y is for:
Yellow – my room growing up was painted yellow. Apparently my Mum painted the room purple while I was at school one day and I came home, complained about it, and then it was suddenly yellow. Though I don’t remember being a big fan of yellow ever. I also had some textured/printed wallpaper of clouds and rainbows which I used to pick off… good times!

Z is for:
Zebras – aren’t they amazing!? I think they are fantastic just to look at…



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