QTGTAHCW – week 1

> Quest to get to a Happy-Claire weight, week 1

If you read my Decluttering post you know I am making some changes. Some of this is house and job-related, some of it is body-related. This will not become a blog about dieting and food etc. so don’t run away yet, but better-eating is something I want to do (both for the benefits for me of eating the right foods as well as the weight-loss aspect) and I may as well write about it as it is happening. Maybe writing will keep it happening too.

So ‘decluttering’ will also include decluttering my diet and my body – shed the crap, shed the fat. I have a weight figure in mind but this is more about bettering what I eat and just feeling better about myself, so if I get to that figure – great, if not, then as long as I feel good – good!

I started yesterday – salad for lunch (as every Monday – thanks O2 Priority), fruit as a snack and a chicken, rice & veg dinner. No dessert. Even though there are ice-creams in the freezer screaming to be eaten!


[I am not going to be one of those people who tells the world what they are eating for every meal – but the following is about my first Tossed salad and it was bloody lovely so I wanted to put it on here]

tossed - HP

Adam has these basically daily (when it is not raining – then he goes to ITSU to sit indoors) and really enjoys them. I have been put off by the price (usually £5-7 each) when usually I am spending £3 on a Tesco meal deal, as well as not thinking a salad can taste great and make you happy at lunch (bread makes me happy).

I was wrong.

I went for the Halloumi & Roasted Veg medium salad over the lettuce mix, swapping red onion for sweetcorn. Yum! It was actually only £4.69 (no drink though), and the name I was given for collection (famous names rather than numbers) was Harry Potter which I liked 🙂

I carried it back to the office and I was actually excited to get to eat it. That has never happened with a Tesco’s ploughman’s in my hand…

Anyway – it was yummy and filled me up (too much at one point) and I will get it again. Even though it is expensive to keep up daily and was actually 708kcal! Way more than my Boots meal deal yesterday which came to 300kcal for a salad, popcorn and drink.

It didn’t keep me full though – I just had to munch on an apple. But it should have been good for me: all that veg, all those vitamins etc.

It should help me out on the run I WILL do tonight. Maybe.


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