So I did finally get a running injury (apart from blisters which you can get from any shoes/activity, not just running) – I have two toenails which are not quite so secure on my feet anymore…

I knew they weren’t happy and felt loose, but I have actually really looked at them today (wedding on weekend and trying on shoes) and the toenail on my little toe is trying to detach itself. The other is just gappy on one side. NO! Eeewww…

It has been over two months since the marathon – surely they should have fallen off by now if they were going to!? Does it need to come off to get better? Or will it glue itself back!?

It’s not like I have even run much since then to make it worse/prevent them sticking.



2 thoughts on “Ummm….

  1. I actually had this many years ago with my big toe – and my solution was to just rip it off. Mine became very discoloured so I did end up checking it with the doctor who offered to numb it and remove it. But I ended up doing it myself – not going to lie it hurt, that said once it was done it was fine! You wouldn’t be able to tell now that I actually lost the entire nail because it’s come back just the same hahaha

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