Roald Dahl Challenge-the race is on

Adam and I have signed up for the Roald Dahl Challenge – another Saxons, Vikings & Normans Challenge on 15th September at Samphire Hoe, where Adam completed his first marathon.

This is the first race I have signed up to since before the marathon and I have done as I grew up loving Roald Dahl so to get a Dahl-inspired medal would be amazing.

I have not been good with the running post-marathon (running only 40miles in the 9 weeks since the three races) but I need to get back on it. So I am.

Yesterday I went out for 4 miles and as per pre-2016/marathon trained Claire I then had a headache for the rest of the evening. I managed to distract myself with my shiny new Samsung S6 phone  (which I am writing this on now) and manager to stay awake to a reasonable time when all I wanted to do was crawl into bed.

But… this morning I woke up and felt good. I work from home most Wednesdays, rising with Adam but falling back into bed once he has left for work. Not today. Today I watched a bit more of the news before putting on my running clothes, donning my new New Balance W1080v5 trainers (in a massive size 8!) and heading up the road to the park with a sort of running track.

The Hal Higdon half marathon plan that I planned to follow for the Manchester Half  (which I haven’t actually signed up for but thought I might in post-marathon madness) included some intervals to increase speed unlike the marathon plan that I followed. I wanted to increase my speed over shorter distances but I don’t like intervals…

The Higdon plan had 400m intervals increasing in quantity from 5 to 10 every other week over the plan. I don’t have that much time or that much fitness so I started not knowing how many I might do. Two would have been a start (especially as the council gardeners were out in fully force in the park) and five would have been great. I managed four before my head start to hurt.

I didn’t mind though. I did intervals and didn’t die! They weren’t fast and didn’t have the best form, but they are a start.

A pint of hydration fluid brought me back to feeling normal once home and I just felt good and, weirdly, in control of life!

I can run, I will run and I have a plan to get a good half marathon done in September. It may not be a PB (earnt from my marathon) but it will be a reasonable time. It will be done!


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