Charity starts in the charity office

I work for a large children’s NGO in London. I am in an office, in a support team and therefore don’t really get to see the benefit of anything I do in terms of helping the children we support.

So, I look to other ways to help. In my role, as it has been for the past 10 years nearly, I have looked to save money wherever possible (which is reasonably easy when you work in purchasing!),sourcing items from the cheapest places, trying to create efficient processes and organising meetings/people’s time in the best way. Outside of that, I donate monthly to five other charities, give to every fundraising/sponsorship request made by my friends/family, as well as raising money for my own efforts such as Race for Life and the marathon I ran this year (raising nearly £1,000 – was very happy with that).

But I have never looked to get more involved. But when I saw a post from Smalls for All on Facebook I was immediately interested and wanted to help.

They are a small(!) charity that collects new underwear for women and children as well as partly used bras, and then sends them off to Africa to those who need them.20160822_150520

So, I am organising a collection of such items at work 🙂 It has been quite fun actually – I have had to source and prettify some cardboard boxes, come up with some decorations, write an email to explain everything and get it all approved by facilities and the head of my department.


I am also going to arrange a collection with my friends/locally etc. and see what we can gather together. I am quite excited about all of this and it is nice to find something I am interested/a little bit passionate about. And it is nice to feel good while doing good; as Joey says – there is no unselfish good deed:



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