First world problems

First world problem no.1: (currently open)

Tomorrow is my first day of unpaid leave from work (I am taking every other Friday off of work as unpaid to have more time to do… well we shall see!) and I don’t know what to do with myself.

I could make the most of the day: go for a run, do some food shopping, start on some KonMari stuff, tidy/clean the house. Or… I could sit on my arse, watch some TV, eat crap, maybe do some ‘fun’ shopping and buy stuff online.

Even as I am writing that last line I think I want to do the former.

But I feel like I need a more medium-term plan; not to plan individual days, but to look at the time I will have and see what I want to do/achieve, and then break it down into bits to do each day so it is done by Christmas. This could be to learn to meditate, or get started with some yoga, or learn something new (sewing or cooking properly!). I feel like this would be a good time to spend time improving myself.

But then maybe just the time out would improve me anyway – clear my head, keep me calm, shake off the stress, take the pressure off of other non-working days to get stuff done.


First world problem no.2: (now resolved)

We couldn’t decide where to stay on our holiday.

We decided on Crete; there were a few options on the table – mainly islands within Europe, but we were persuaded to pick Crete again as our friends will also be there at the same time, so we could meet up and either do things, or nothing, with them.

We went to Crete in 2014 and loved it. We were in a tiny place on the south coast (Plakias) but we explored on a tour, a failed bike ride (in terms of fighting and tears rather than not covering distance), and a scuba diving course. But we saw a lot of lovely places on these trips that made us want to go back and explore (probably by car once I could drive, which I now can).plakias

There are obviously many options within Crete, but with the area narrowed down (so we can be near said-friends but which we were looking at anyway) there were still dozens of options.

We basically needed to decide between ‘luxury’ and ‘rustic’. We have always gone to the slightly-out-of-town places, which are quieter, surrounded by trees and involve a walk to anywhere. We have always been self-catering bar last year in turkey when B&B was the only option, so we are used to having the facilities to make our own sandwiches for lunch/slather some butter or jam on bread for breakfast, and we like it.

We had found one place like this and it looked pretty: up in the hills so a walk to a couple of villages for restaurants, and a 1km wander to the beach, but with it’s own waterslides!

But Crete has many more half/full board hotels, and when searching you do get pulled into the luxury of these places: the clear blue pools (times many), the well laid tables (in the many restaurants), the large, modern room (times 300), the private beach, the swim-up rooms, the multiple-bedroomed rooms… And compared to the ‘rustic’ place we were looking at, only slightly more expensive (if travelling on different dates and we take another day off of work…)

I put the options in an email to Adam this morning and even as I wrote it, even though I was reading the 5* reviews of the ‘luxury’ place, I could feel the pull to the ‘rustic’ place. It is just far more us. I didn’t say any of this but Adam replied saying he still preferred the B&B/self-catering place. Decision made!

Apart from which dates to go on…


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