Unpaid Leave Day 1: run, KonMari & leaving drinks

Today was the first working day in 10 years that I have not been paid for.

I wrote earlier in the week about what I might get up to but even as I woke I didn’t really have a plan. But I thought I should start with a run to try out my new Garmin 235…

This was not too successful: the heart rate monitor didn’t seem to be working as I left and as I tried to pause/stop the watch to try and fix it, I just kept pressing ‘lap’ so that my first 0.1 mile run included 4 laps…
I put it back on, started off again but my HR was stuck at 66. So I stopped running, pressed ‘lap’ a few more times then gave up and just wore it as I would the previous watch just tracking the route, distance and time.

A 5k achieved if nothing else for the day I thought!

After a shower, breakfast and some Frasier I turned my attention to starting on decluttering.

I have read and reread Marie Kondo’s ‘Life Changing Magic for Tidying’ in the past month of so and have been meaning to get started on it, so here was my chance.

I won’t bore you with the method (but it is worth looking up) but basically gather your things together (by type), handle each item and ask yourself whether it sparks joy. It sounds odd but basically you get rid of over half of your stuff and then you are only surrounded by the things you love (and still need like the hoover and cooking utensils).

So I grabbed all my clothes (excluding coats/jackets and accessories) and dumped them on the bed:

When you see it all in one place like this it is just a vast amount. Too much for one person.
I got off to a good start with the discarding, mainly picking out the things I haven’t worn or even seen in months, but it did get harder.

Your brain wants you to keep a hold of things, either because someone gave them to you, or you wore it to an occasion you want to remember or because it might be easy to wear. But if it doesn’t spark joy in you, it should go. I didn’t quite manage stick to that, but I was ruthless with some things, including this nightdress that we made in year 7 which I will never wear but thought I would at least immortalise in photo form.

Though the discard pile grew, the keep pile was still quite large, and I have still probably kept about half of what I had. I may have to go through it all again in a few weeks and see what else I can cull.

But then it gets either better or worse, depending on your inclination: putting it all away.
KonMari also provides a way of storing your clothes: mainly by folding them in a certain way so they stand upright and can be stored in drawers. It sounds odd, and I didn’t quite believe it, but you can find that perfect point where clothes will stand up on an edge. It then makes them very easy to store and they take up so much less space. AND you can see everything at once.

One I worked out I could use the ironing board to fold on rather than killing my back bending over the bed, it all started going well. Seeing those little folded, perfectly place items in rows is really quite exciting… but I am sad.
Obligatory before and after pics:

My favourite moment though was struggling to fit everything into the shelves in the wardrobe: I went left to right, then front to back, but it wouldn’t fit. Then I saw the little  drawers below… I emptied it of the dress-up stuff that was in there and started stacking and look what happened:

All my tops in one place (those not hanging anyway)! The drawer is actually struggling with the weight but it will pull out with some support.

And look at how many hangers I emptied:

But then I realised the time (all this had taken 5 hours in total) and I had to clear up and get out the door for our friend Bev’s leaving drinks in Rochester – she is off travelling for 6+ months in Northern, Central and Southern America. Bitch.
We met for some food at Thai Four Two in Rochester which was just beautiful (highly recommend this place), then off for drinks in a pub garden where we talked the usual nonsense, asked about Bev’s plans, gave her some cash to send her on her way and had a few drinks. All very lovely.

All in all quite a nice day; even if it was unpaid.



4 thoughts on “Unpaid Leave Day 1: run, KonMari & leaving drinks

  1. I love the KonMari method! Another great thing that I did (can’t remember if she suggested it or if I read it somewhere else) was with the clothes that were still on hangers, I turned all the hangers around the “wrong” way. Then as I wear and wash them, I hang them up the “right” way. Then in 6 months (or whenever you decide, but do give yourself a goal time), whatever is still hanging the “wrong” way, get rid of. If you haven’t touched it in 6 months and it’s not seasonal, then you must not like it that much! Just an idea! 🙂

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