KonMari: shoes, coats, bags & accessories

Shoes – I decided to tackle these on Sunday night and Adam helped me collect them all in the bedroom. I laid them all out and they just kept coming… I grouped them into types and put them in rows, and counted them and there were 45! 45! That seems like a huge amount! After photographing the evidence, I got to work.


I can’t say that this process was the correct KonMari method: I didn’t handle everything and ask if it sparked joy, I just picked out these I never wore, were too big/small and those that were on their last legs and discarded.

Some were easier than others though. e.g. I had a pair of purple pumps (very ugly things I bought for cheap for a fancy dress party) which I have been using to go out in the garden in; I had never liked them but they were practical for this one purpose. I picked them up to move them to the ‘keep’ side, but then remembered what KonMari says about not demoting clothes to ‘loungewear’ and I realised I could easily slip on another pair of shoes instead; ones I like more. So I got rid (straight into the rubbish).

Some of my shoes are still in very good condition: I bought some before my feet got large due to the marathon training at the beginning of the year and others were bought for a certain occasion but not required again. So I lined these up, took some photos and posted them to Facebook to my friends to see if they want them (not pushing them onto others as KonMari says!) and I have had some enquiries. The rest that are still good will be off to charity along with the bags of clothes I have filled already 🙂


Before: 45 –> after: 22

  • Running trainers: 3 x road, 2 x trail –> 2 x road, 1 x trail
  • Walking boots –> Gone!
  • Wellington boots –> kept
  • Knee high boots: 2 x black, 1 x brown –> 1 x black
  • Ankle boots: 3 x heeled, 1 x Uggs –> 1 x heeled, 1 x Uggs
  • Heels: 3 x black, 1 x navy, 2 x wedge –> 2 x black
  • Slippers: 2 x flat, 3 x booted –> 1 x flat
  • Plimsolls: 12 –> 6
  • Pumps: 5 –> 3
  • Flip-flops: 3 –> 3 (holiday coming soon!)

Accessories – I didn’t think I had many accessories, and I didn’t really, but I still got them down in quantity:

Bags – 8 bags down to 3-ish… I have kept a fourth for our holiday, but it may go after that as I don’t like it…

Coats/jackets – I wasn’t very ruthless here, but I could see a reason to keep those that I did (even the leather jacket I bought for a trip to New York and have worn once in the 3 years I have had it…) But I think I got it down by 4, and that makes a difference as they were large. And the ones I kept (non-Winter ones) are now in sensible places: visible in my wardrobe rather than hidden in the cupboard.

So, just jewellery to go and then clothes will be done. Not sure how that will go as I have so much, and literally wear none of it bar a couple each of rings, bracelets and necklaces. But there is much sentiment attached to jewellery always, so will see how that goes…

KonMari says that you discard until you feel you have the right number of things – you can feel that point when it is right. I wouldn’t have believed this before, but as I disbelieved but was proved wrong about that point where clothes just stand up, then maybe she is right on this too. I have not hit that point, and if you have read this and my previous post then you will have probably guessed why – I haven’t been following the method correctly, so I have things I don’t love still in my drawers and hanging in my wardrobe. For now, that is fine, but I probably do need to take the plunge and try again.


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