Mean girls


I saw the above posted on Facebook and had to grab a copy, as I need to listen to it.

The ‘mean girls’ at work are still exactly that, but I just realised – they are just silly, little girls.

I overheard one of them give her date of birth (while loudly calling to get a repeat prescription for her contraceptive pill, on a work phone, during working hours – and they have the cheek to moan about my calls to Ad during lunch!?) and I worked out that she I two years younger than me. I knew the other one was younger, but this one always gave the impression she was older (ex-military, very confident etc.). Not now. They are just silly, little, gossipy, cliquey girls. I must remember this and ignore what they do.

For they still do it. Nothing about me for now, but they really have it in for one other girl, as well as anyone else in the department that does anything either not up to their standard or just does anything different to them.

They complain that someone appears to eat all day but doesn’t become house-sized. They complain that someone leaves early (not knowing anything about their working arrangements). They complain about someone coming in late (not knowing if they have a doctors appointment, emergency at home etc.). They joke about what other people say in conversations to their colleagues (that they have just eavesdropped). They moan about working here. They slag off their managers. They spend a bulk of their day playing games on their phones or doing personal tasks.

It is sad. They must have such sad, little lives that this is all they can do all day every day.

I shouldn’t get annoyed at them, shouldn’t be affected by them, but pity them for their pathetic-ness.

So, be free – go do your worse; have your hushed conversations, say your hateful things, type your stupid complaint and rants.

You sad, little, mean girls. I won’t care any more.


5 thoughts on “Mean girls

  1. I find situations like that can be toxic and even if you do your best to just ignore it – it’s not the best atmosphere to be in. I have a friend in a similar position too. I tend to think people who belittle others are insecure about something themselves – that or they really didn’t develop social skills post secondary school lol. Sadly sometimes offices can feel like school! You seem strong and confident enough to deal with it though 🙂 and it does help to vent it out too!

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