KonMari-ing from my desk

Today I just felt like I needed to declutter some stuff, and as I am at work, all I could do was:

  • Clear my mailbox
  • Create a new email address
  • Drop a load of Facebook ‘friends’

Existing mailbox
I have had this since the late 90’s, so it is pretty full of stuff I want to keep but stuff I don’t want comes in every day and I just select and delete. Every day. I have used unroll.me before but it has maybe been over a year since I had checked it and I apparently had 299 new mailing list subscriptions to review! I think I managed to unsubscribe from over 200 of them, keeping only those I knew I looked at, albeit occasionally, but I can review again in the near future.

New email address:
When Outlook/Hotmail released a new batch of outlook.co.uk addresses a few years ago, I got myself one. I now cannot remember what it was, so have created another. It was half in my mind that I would use this for photo storage (my current OneDrive limit of 5GB is now full), but I may try and re-create accounts etc. using this address so I can declutter my mailbox properly. Will see if I can sort this, but will take many months/years to transition properly.

Facebook ‘friends’:
This came to me a day or two ago: my news feed is full of posts from people I have to think about to place them and I don’t need to see their children/pets or hear their schemes for world-domination, so a cull was in order. I started with 233 ‘friends’, which went (after each pass) to 217 > 183 > 171 > 154, finally finishing on 138. Not bad: 40% (95 ‘friends’) gone!

It all feels very good 🙂

Maybe next I should tackle my work locker. But maybe I do some work first…


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