The Invisible Neighbour next door

When we moved in to the house nearly two years ago the house next door was for students. They kept to themselves and we hardly ever heard them.

I liked that.

The next year, we had some more students and single professionals who were quiet but we could sometimes hear them in the garden phlegming all over the place.

That was still OK.

Since then, it seems to have changed from student house into some sort of council property. We have had some families stay for a week, a night, and most recently a single father of two for 3 months. He had a young daughter and what appeared to be a newborn baby.

We did hear the baby occasionally during the night and most mornings at 6am, but it could be ignored as background noise.The young girl was the noisier one; screaming and shouting and running around, but only during the day, so not a problem.

They left a few weeks ago and even left us their parking permit which was nice.

They were good neighbours.

It has been empty since bar one or two nights…

It was a Sunday evening and I heard a vehicle in the road, they paused outside and I heard them say ‘that’s 31’ and pull up. Four, loud adults walked down and let themselves in, one throwing an empty beer bottle outside our house.

I told Adam what I saw, calling them ‘drunks’ but from the fact they came home at 3:30am the next morning made me think they were possibly students instead. Apart from the late night (who goes out on a Sunday night til that time!?), all I heard of them was a few words/noises through the wall. Then they were then gone.

But since then I have been stressing out about who could move in next. None of the above really caused any problems for us, but my mind is on over-drive as to what chaos could possibly come.

Every little sound/noise outside makes me want to jump up and peer out the window to see who could be moving in. My ears are always pricked to hear a cough or a shout or a stomp through the wall.

There are some houses on our road which are loud and have had ‘undesirables’ living here (read: drug dealers and slave-keepers! Seriously.), so, of course, by brain is just expecting the worst.

But people have to live in places. People have to exist somewhere. Sometimes I listen to the noises we make: singing to the radio in the kitchen, messing about and shouting, laughing hysterically at the telly. Maybe we could be the loud, annoying ones to a quieter neighbour.

I want to shake this feeling off: I want to relax again, to stop thinking about it.

Maybe Elizabeth Gilbert can help with that. The Eat, Pray, Love author has a new book out; Big Magic. It discusses how to live a creative live and to make room in your live for creativity.

One chapter I read last night talked about how creating something, expressing yourself, can clear your mind, de-stress your life and stop you from overthinking things. Maybe I need this.
Work has been engaging the past week, keeping me engrossed in what I am doing for hours at a time and making me leave late. I think this has helped me – using my brain and giving me a purpose as I don’t feel I am being utilised too much at the moment. This is partly my fault and partly works’ fault as they have no idea what they are doing at the moment.

I need to use my brain, feel I am doing something or clearly my brain will make stuff up, and panic me for no reason.

I have Friday off this week; maybe I should really do something with it – something creative. Usually I would try and bake something but as Adam and I are both avoiding sugar (yup) then maybe not. Maybe some more KonMari? But that is more de-cluttering than creative. Drawing? But what? Colouring in? Maybe. Visit a museum/art gallery? Possibly. Something around decorating the house? Mmm… house isn’t ready for that yet.

I don’t know… Hopefully some inspiration will come, ha!


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