Day 23 in the low-carb house

So, we are over three weeks in to the ketosis-attempt-but-now-low-carb diet, and we have hit a slump. It is not so enjoyable. This weekend we went up to Birmingham to visit the Christmas markets and the Lantern Festival at the Botanical Gardens. That was all lovely and we had a great time. But… finding food […]

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That Friday Feeling

Good things that are giving good feelings today: The sunlight was beautiful this morning and the views from the train were stunning This was travelling down Farringdon Road as I stood on Holborn Viaduct talking to my Dad on the phone: My lunch of a Tossed salad was bloody gorgeous! I swapped in some spinach, […]

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Ventures into Ketosis

Post-Stort30, Adam wanted to give ketosis* a try as a new way of eating, and teaching his body to burn fat and not carbs so he can improve his running endurance. The plan was to start a week after Stort (having a full week of recovery), so that is what he did. Me too. We […]

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