Unpaid Leave Day 4: nurse, B&Q, cellar

Although we moved to our new house/location nearly two years ago, we were still yet to sign up to a doctor’s surgery. Both of us had been ordering our repeat prescriptions through our old surgeries and luckily we haven’t needed to actually visit a GP in that time. So it hasn’t been an issue. But it was time to get it sorted, so I got us on the path to registration.

It has been fraught – I have had many issues/falling outs with the (huge number of) reception staff at this place, but the great online reviews for it (and the on-site parking) kept me pushing along. We are now registered it seems, but I was told I needed a nurses appointment to complete the process. As soon as I sat down in her office, I was told this was not the case, but we went through the motions anyway.

The usual (I assume) was done: blood pressure, questions about smoking, drinking, exercise, then  height and weight. I said that I know it is not good (weight – can’t do anything about height!) and she asked what I was doing about it, so I told her.

Since a couple of days post-holiday in early October, not one biscuit, piece of chocolate, cake, sweet, alcoholic drink etc. has passed my lips. Adam was already determined to cut out the alcohol/sugar as soon as we got back home, in preparation for his first ultra marathon – the Stort 30 (which he completed fantastically!) – and to lose a little weight (definitely the holiday pounds) so as to make the run a bit easier. So I joined him on that.


Admittedly we have been a bit poor on some of the non-sweet things, i.e. crisps seem to have been our substitute snack, and I may have had a few hot chocolates (but it is Winter; come on!), but I am very proud of what we have done so far.

There has been no amazing weight loss; just the weight we gained on holiday plus a couple more pounds, our clothes aren’t suddenly falling off, but it has been reasonably easy.

The first week was fine, but then it usually is when you see the weight coming off, the second week was harder, especially in my office where sweet things are a daily occurrence, but I started to think that they weren’t worth it. That massive, store-baked cookie would taste nice, but was it worth it? Was it worth running (or thinking about running as the case has been [more later]…) for 30 minutes to get rid of that one treat? Would it actually give me as much pleasure as I think it would?

I started to think about what I would break the diet for: a perfect slice of chocolate torte, one single Lindor milk chocolate… But they weren’t available to me, and I decided that anything less than those wouldn’t be worth it.

So it has been over three weeks and it is all good; no cravings!

So I told the nurse that.

She then told me I was overdue for a certain procedure… so I then received a surprise smear test. Lovely.

Made even more lovely by the fact that the speculum broke during it. No thank you.

Anyway… I decided after that ordeal that I deserved a treat, and promptly took myself off to B&Q for a nose about. (I know: weirdo.)

But I loved it! I wandered through the Christmas lights (who doesn’t love Christmas lights!?), fingered the wallpaper selections, stared at paint colour palettes, lusted after bedding, pondered over storage solutions, stood in some shower enclosures… all until I found a rug I liked, sent a picture to Adam and then bought it. Pure bliss…

Back at home I unrolled the rug, made some lunch and sat down to buy more house stuff on the laptop.

Love this *waits for sale*

I think this is what house-ownership has brought to me and I love it: constant thoughts about interior design, wall colours, floor coverings, soft furnishings. I can often spend a good half hour during lunch, listening to an episode of Corrie, trawling through Zoopla staring into other people’s homes. Not to be nosey, but to see how they have used the space, how they have managed to squeeze a bathroom upstairs in a Victorian terrace (like ours), how they have changed their layout etc. If I can’t sleep at night I imagine one of our rooms and picture the colour, the layout, the fabrics…

I don’t do anything about these things, not at the moment, but I like to dream, and plot plan.

When we purchased our house, I wasn’t in love with it. It was one of the best we had seen in the few months we were looking but not amazing; it was in a good condition, at a good price and in a convenient location. Adam was much more into it than I was, and he was right – the space is good, it ticked all the boxes and it has a lot of potential.

But I haven’t felt love for it yet. This weekend; laying down a couple of rugs, moving a small piece of furniture and hanging a net curtain (it is nice, I promise) has made me feel more attached to it. I feel warmer, and cosier in it. I can feel it becoming ours, even though nothing has fundamentally changed in the structure of it – just (literally) soft changes. (See featured image.)

We have plans to improve it, and fix it (much fixing to be done) and we will get on to those. We are luckily in a position to be able to spend on the house and to make it how we want it, even though we know it is not our ‘forever home’.

With that in mind, I wanted to see a change in the place, so I spent the last half of my day off in the cellar.

We always said we shouldn’t use it as a dumping ground, and it wasn’t for a long time, but then we planned a house-warming party and most of the contents of the house migrated down there, and never came back up again. It is so easy: out of sight and out of mind and all that.

I had no idea where to start so started with the easy stuff I could pick out as easy to throw away, and before I knew it I was in the corner we hadn’t seen for 6 months, and I had discrete piles for charity, binning and keeping.

Some of the stuff would be very useful to others, so I snapped a couple of pics, posted to some Facebook groups as free to collect and within two hours I had got rid of it all. It felt really good…

So I was on a bit of a high when I picked Adam up from the station that Friday night (it was raining so I drove) and then got to show him what I had done.

It is far from perfect, but we have made a start on improving our little house in little ways, and I like it.


(Oh, and running – not really done any, all my fault as can’t get out in the cold and dark. Have considered running at lunchtime when at work, and may have to do that if I am to ever get back into it. Not great, I know, but will sort it somehow.)


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