Ventures into Ketosis

Post-Stort30, Adam wanted to give ketosis* a try as a new way of eating, and teaching his body to burn fat and not carbs so he can improve his running endurance. The plan was to start a week after Stort (having a full week of recovery), so that is what he did. Me too.

We purchased some of the ‘right’ things last Sunday after putting together a meal plan, and we have been on it in earnest since then. OK, yes, only 3 days so far, but what 3 days!

I thought it would be difficult, and it could be as I luuurrrvvveee my bread, pasta, rice etc. but so far so good. Salads have replaced my evening meal, and I was having salads for lunch anyway, and breakfast is now yogurt.

Monday’s salad of chicken & feta cheese


I think the saving graces are that I can still eat cheese! Lots of glorious cheese! That, and having eaten salads for so long now I just have to spread that into the evening. I have even found a way to have hot chocolate, though I haven’t tried it yet so it may be awful with no sugar component. There is also bacon, yum! I am going to have to learn to love eggs though…

This morning we had a chat on the train platform about how actually feel better in ourselves already, even though it has been only three days. I feel more awake, more alert, just better. I am not sure if that is because I am getting over a cold thing, or maybe it is in spite of that? I also stepped onto the scales last night (pre-dinner), even though you shouldn’t do so more than once a week, and I had lost 3 pounds in 3 days, healthily.

I’m tracking my food using My Fitness Pal in an attempt to see where all the carbs come from and how to avoid them, but looking back over the past three weeks of ‘normal’ eating, I used to consume 200-250g of carbs a day. I don’t know if that is a lot but in the past three days that average is now around 50g. 20% of the before value, even less if you use net carbs (carbs minus fibre). That has got to be good for me. 

Phil Maffetone (I believe) came up with the MAF miles that Adam runs that have vastly improved his fitness over the past few years, but he also has the Phil Maffetone Two-Week Test. Reading a bit about this, the below are supposed to be some of the symptoms/signs of having an intolerance of carbohydrates, and he says to mark comments against these, try the ‘diet’/two-week challenge and see what has changed, so here goes:

  • Poor concentration or sleepiness after meals. – I have been feeling less focused in the past few months, maybe even for years!
  • Increased intestinal gas or bloating after meals.  – nope
  • Frequently hungry. – yes
  • Increasing abdominal fat or facial fat (especially cheeks). – always carried weight around the middle
  • Frequently fatigued or low energy. – sometimes
  • Insomnia or sleep apnea. – nope
  • Waist size increasing with age. – yep (as above) but not sure if age, or worsening diet
  • Fingers swollen/feeling “tight” after exercise. – sometimes, but that is expected right?
  • Personal or family history of diabetes, kidney or gall stones, gout, high blood pressure, high cholesterol/low HDL, high triglycerides, heart disease, stroke, breast cancer. – diabetes runs on my Mum’s side, but she has avoided it, so there is hope
  • Low meat, fish or egg intake. – I am not a big fan of meat, hate fish and eggs…
  • Frequent cravings for sweets or caffeine. – former yes, latter no
  • Polycystic ovary (ovarian cysts) for women. – not that I know of!

Also, record your weight: (have never shared this with anyone but Adam ever before, but here goes)
@ 07.11.16 – 172.75lbs (yes, massively high, but trying to change that and have already lost 5lb since we came back from our holiday)
@ 09.11.16 – 169.75lbs

So, let’s check back in another 10 days and see where we are at!

Another advantage of this ‘diet’ is the time it frees up in the evening; making a salad really takes no time at all. Even the steaks that Adam is eating take only a few minutes to cook, pop a salad on the side and all good.

This meant that on Monday we had both cooked/prepared dinner and eaten before 7:30 – something we have never done before on a weekday – we are usually only deciding what to have at that point.

Having looked up a low-carb lemon and poppy seed muffin recipe earlier in the day, I needed to check on what ingredients I already had in the cupboard, promptly found out they were all out of date and so went all declutter-y on our whole stock of food:


So much of it was out of date; basically brought with us, or just purchased when we moved into the house; so out that all went! I then moved all the carb-loaded stuff into one cupboard (one without a glass front), cleaned all the shelves and re-stocked.

Cupboard clarity & good feelings 🙂

* Ketosis: a metabolic state in which some of the body’s energy supply comes from ketone bodies in the blood, in contrast to a state of glycolysis in which blood glucose provides most of the energy. Basically: you burn fat instead of carbs/sugar for energy, which you can get your body to do by maintaining a high-fat, mid-protein, low-carb diet.


2 thoughts on “Ventures into Ketosis

  1. After day three on LCHF/KETO i felt AMAZING! i have health issues and this way of life totally agrees with me, busy reading Wheat Belly now and oh boy… its an eye opener!
    Looking forward to reading your progress and news xxx
    Happy weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

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