Ventures out of Ketosis (and attempts at low-carb baking)

So we have decided not to try to achieve ketosis (it is really very hard and probably unsustainable for us), but to adopt a very low carb diet instead. That means no pasta, rice, bread, potatoes and trying to avoid tomatoes, beans, corn etc. just as you would if you were going for ketosis.

But we are going to be a little lenient with ourselves when we need to; have small amounts of banned-carbs, only one at a time, and only when it can’t be avoided. e.g. we were out with Adam’s Mum on Saturday and we were to have lunch. I looked for places where Adam and I could actually eat and I struggled. Then I remembered the new Turkish place that had opened in the old theatre; meat and salad – perfect!

And that is what we did: we were given a few starters on the house, luckily for us they were aubergine and yogurt based, apart from the bread, which we left for Adam’s Mum.

Mains were chicken shish with salad (and more bread, again sadly ignored) and a small scoop of rice. Now I love rice. More than pasta. So this was my flex in the diet. It was lovely, but the star was the chicken along with the yogurt sauce, so will try that again 🙂

I also tried my first bit of low-carb cooking, in the form of Amy’s Healthy Baking Lemon Poppy Seed Protein Muffins. These are what I was thinking about making when I started clearing the cupboards last week.

They were a bit fiddly to make (lots of half-teaspoons of things), I was actually missing an ingredient (xanthan gum – impossible to find in our local ASDA) and I pretty much burnt them (see pics) but they were actually OK. Adam was just happy to eat something that had a cake-y texture for the first time in 4 weeks and I was just pleased they could be eaten at all!


(I wrote the above basically a week ago and am just coming back to it, so please ignore any changes in tense)

Since the above batch, which were edible but a bit dry, I have made another attempt, this time at the correct oven temperature, and with the addition of the missing xanthan gum. I was going for a batch 1.5 times the first (I had 12 muffin ‘holes’ so why not fill them?) but then accidentally put in twice the amount of one ingredient so had to go back and make it up to a double-batch. But I still only had 12 muffin ‘holes’ so all the muffins ended up 50% bigger. Oh, and in paper cases so they wouldn’t catch on the tin (which the first batch didn’t do, but they were burnt by the experience).

And all was better I think (see pics) and we have happily been eating them since Wednesday, which is not a great thing… I have been trying not to snack at all, and have been ‘dessert’ free since we started the no-sweet things diet nearly 5 weeks ago, but these muffins are just there, waiting to be eaten after an evening meal.

That said, right now this minute, I am just waiting for a batch of Flourless, Nut Free Keto Brownies to cool before I can slice them and eat them.

One thing that Adam has been saying, and which is true, is that we are more involved in our food now – we think about it more, prepare it more and cook more. Even a simple steak (for Ad not me) is seasoned and oiled before being attentively fried; halloumi is cut, patted dry and dry-fried or grilled; salad ingredients are prepared and dressed; brocolli is cut up and steamed… We are interacting with the food much more than shoving some sauce in a pan, popping some pasta in some water and mixing together the outcomes. This can only be good thing I think.

It’s good for my weight anyway! After week one I had dropped 4.25 lbs (it was more before the weekend, but something went wrong clearly!)

So, we have:
@ 13.10.16 – 177.5lbs (post-holiday, first day of no-sweet things)
@ 07.11.16 – 172.75lbs (pre-keto/low carb) = -4.75lb (over 3 weeks)
@ 14.11.16 – 168.5lbs (after wk1) = -4.25lbs
@ 19.11.16 – 164.5lbs (admittedly post-parkrun & run home on no breakfast) = -4lbs

So overall 13lbs since the holiday/original change in diet began, mostly in the past 10 days with the no/low-carb eating. (Also, a 1.8% drop in body fat and 1.4 off of my BMI.)

Today has been hard as we went food shopping and there was just bread and crisps everywhere I looked (these things I am missing the most, mainly as bread is the main way I eat cheese usually!), and this is about the same point – 10 days in – that I felt the lull in confidence during those first three weeks of avoiding sugar. But I got over that, and I will get over this, as I am loving the scales at the moment. Long may it keep falling!

Also, here are some of the salads/dinners I have been making – look how pretty!

Oh, and the desserts I had to ignore at a conference on Thursday – again, look how pretty!



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