Day 23 in the low-carb house

So, we are over three weeks in to the ketosis-attempt-but-now-low-carb diet, and we have hit a slump. It is not so enjoyable.

This weekend we went up to Birmingham to visit the Christmas markets and the Lantern Festival at the Botanical Gardens. That was all lovely and we had a great time.

But… finding food was difficult. Impossible actually – we had to flex the diet quite a bit:20161125_214321.jpg

  • Friday night: dinner at Café Rouge with my Aunt & Uncle who came over from Derby – no problem as had a burger and didn’t eat the bun (well maybe a bite, but it was covered in mayonnaise so that upped the fat content, so all good)
  • Saturday morning: breakfast at Wetherspoons – no problem as there was a yogurt and honey option with fresh fruit (though the yogurt was probably low-fat and so full of sugar, there was no honey, and we shouldn’t be eating fruit. Though I did discover I like blueberries with yogurt.)
  • Saturday lunch: bun-less chicken & cheese burger at Homemade Burger Co. with coleslaw (bad, but oh so good!)
  • Saturday snacks: pigs in blankets (good) with cranberry sauce (bad), as well as some cheddar wrapped in chorizo
  • Saturday evening: we were out at the lantern festival until late and weren’t sure what we could eat and when, so we ended up at 9:30pm, surrounded by closing Christmas markets. We bought what we could, which was mozzarella sticks. They were beautiful: gorgeous, and crunchy and cheesy and very, very bad for us (oh well)
  • Sunday morning: breakfast at Wetherspoons again, this time was a full English (egg popped on to Adam’s plate, baked beans eaten as well as the toast). Did I love it. YES! Cold, barely toasted bread covered in marg… it was so happy making. But bad.

20161120_171742.jpgWe also supplemented our meals with some low-carb brownies that I made before we went, as well as a pint of milk to wash them down. Which is also not great, as we have now started snacking which isn’t great.

But we have done our 21 days now, and that was the minimum we had in our head to do as low-carb as possible, as I remember hearing that it takes 21 days of something to become habit.

So, because of the above (I assume) my weight has not dropped at all over the past week. And I don’t like that. As that was the point.

Since this weekend I have started to feel less than favourable about this new lifestyle. Made worse by the scale reading last night. Carbs are everywhere, and they are very tasty. I know they are not good for me, but I miss them and I think I am getting slightly unhappy about this now.

There was so much temptation at the markets: pretzels, stollen, gluhwein, alcoholic hot chocolates, cakes, sweets, burgers, wraps etc. And we had to just look the other way. It was kind of sad that we couldn’t properly experience it all. (Note: I still had an awesome time – makes me wonder why we don’t travel every weekend we can!)

Adam managed to pick me up last night by reminding me that I could have tuna and mayonnaise instead of halloumi with my salad (which I was eating basically twice daily last week), but reading in my book of the lead character eating a curry with naan bread put me in a bit of a funk.

So we have talked about letting the carbs back in on occasion; of having small amounts of rice and potatoes (not bread and pasta as these are massively processed) and not all the time.

Would this make me happier? I don’t know. I do like the bread…

@ 13.10.16 – 177.5lbs (post-holiday, first day of no-sweet things)
@ 07.11.16 – 172.75lbs (pre-keto/low carb) = -4.75lb (over 3 weeks)
@ 14.11.16 – 168.5lbs (after wk1) = -4.25lbs
@ 21.11.16 – 164.5lbs (after wk2) = -4lbs
@ 28.11.16 – 164.25lbs (after wk3 and a weekend in Birmingham eating carbs) = -o.25lb
TOTAL LOSS (since 13.10.16) = 13.25lbs

I should probably start running alongside the diet if I want to lose more weight…


In happier news – the weekend before last I ran with my Dad around his first parkrun! He has been mentioning doing it for months, and he started looking at dates as soon as I mentioned that I couldn’t see anyone over 70 running at our local one, so he would be the only one in his age group. So we set the date, got parked up and got going.

He has been walking 7/8 miles a day for months (he home-kennels dogs and often walks a couple others throughout the week), as well as introducing run/walk intervals into some of his wanders, so he was prepared.

We set off at a run, walked a little and then he was off – his ‘run’ sections were fast! I have been so used to maintaining a constant pace for the duration, so when he picked up for his ‘runs’ I couldn’t keep up, catching back up to him once he started walking.

Frequently I told him to hang back, especially on the last downhill as it is basically a whole km and it can be deceptive on how close to the finish you are, just to make sure he could cover the distance. But he ran that downhill consistantly and while I was distracted shouting to Ad to get the camera ready to record his finish, he bolted off from me, sprinted past the lady in front, and finished very strongly.

In a time of… wait for it… 39 minutes! 39! My Dad, of 70 (+ 2months), who has not run since school, who used to make jokes about runners (until I got in a relationship with one) and who is living with cancer, managed to cover 5km in 39 minutes.


And I was holding him back apparently! And I probably was! I kept telling him to slow down, to start walking. So I won’t next time – he can run his own race! And he is itching to do another. He even wants to run Harvel5 with us next year.

Very impressed & proud daughter right here *points at herself*

I have more to say, but maybe I will just leave it on that high note.


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