Last day of unpaid leave & updates

Friday was my last day of unpaid leave = πŸ˜¦

I spent the morning running some errands, and then by meeting up with a friend at Bluewater shopping centre for some last minute Christmas pressie purchases and lunch = πŸ™‚20161216_120758.jpg

So that was it. I am still paying off my unpaid leave (another 1.5 days to come out of December’s pay, and then 2 in January) and actually ended up taking the dates in September as annual leave so the salary deductions didn’t run on forever (I had the days available so why not keep the money!)

Adam asked me whether I would do it again, but HR have said that if I wanted to do it again in 2017 then it may need to be a change of contract, so not so keen on that. But then again, why not!? I could take the pay cut, but then I would also lose 10% of my annual leave… will think on it. Or maybe just take a sabbatical for a few months instead! We shall see.

Some updates on other things:

I have picked this up again, and have actually been feeling good about it. I may have mentioned that I wanted to run another marathon in the Spring (I have friends running their first marathons at London & Brighton, so would be rude not to share their journey of pain in the moths leading up to it!). I haven’t got one booked yet, but have a few in mind: either full, road ones, or maybe an SVN event of as many laps as you can off-road. If I pick the latter then I can run one locally on the anniversary of my first marathon, which may be nice…

But I have been running! Not three times a week, which I probably should be, but I have the long runs back in on the weekends. Last week I went out attempting a non-walking at all run of 4miles, which I managed to get up to 10k and was very happy with. This past weekend I wanted to get to 7 but managed to push to 8! 8 miles, and 100 minutes, of non-stop running. It wasn’t fast, and I didn’t make it easy (I threw in some hills) but it was all running. Whoop!

During my marathon training earlier in the year I just got the distances done: whether running, walking or crawling (as in my 20-miler). This time around I would like to be able to run the distances – not rely on walking. So that is the plan. It is going well so far, and it seems as if some of the training and fitness I had all those months ago is still in there, in part, somewhere!


20161214_134935.jpgThis has been off the table recently, but not dead. My underwear drawer is still neat and tidy, my tops are all folded and lined up (though I do actually forget they are there now they are hidden away), and I even cleared out the bathroom cabinet last week. I also went through a load of old memory stuff a couple of weeks ago, but I can’t say that I asked whether each item ‘sparked joy’ but more whether it was useful. I threw out a lot that day, and cried quite a bit too (school crap, and memories of a friend that passed away).

But I am nearly done – I need to go through all DVDs & CDs, but as our collections merged when we moved, that will be a joint-effort. But then that is it. Well, apart from the storing of everything correctly and in sensible places…

New Year
I set some goals at the beginning of the year (see goals page), and now looking back I haven’t got very far. I achieved some PBs and got my marathon done, but the hoped-for speed hasn’t come (fair enough – I haven’t trained for it!) – more on this at year-end.

One of my readers, PTContender has a good thing going in setting goals for each month: I like that idea and will try and adopt that going in to 2017: small, short-term goals. So watch this space! Goal 1: set some goals!


Too much of the sister-in-laws carrot cake…

My weigh-in is due tonight and I am not expecting much. I have spent the past week nibbling on crisps, cake, chocolate, chips… all the things I shouldn’t be having. Again, I will update on this properly when I have the figures. But: I must remember how heavy and rubbish I feel after I indulge, then maybe I will stop doing it… maybe…


I got on the scales last night, and believe it or not, I was still a pound down! I don’t deserve it, and I didn’t hop off and on again to check it (as I usually do but didn’t want it to change) so just took the figure and was glad! I can only put it down the running as my diet was atrocious.

@ 13.10.16 – 177.5lbs (post-holiday, first day of no-sweet things)
@ 07.11.16 – 172.75lbs (pre-keto/low carb) = -4.75lb (over 3 weeks)
@ 14.11.16 – 168.5lbs (after wk1) = -4.25lbs
@ 21.11.16 – 164.5lbs (after wk2) = -4lbs
@ 28.11.16 – 164.25lbs (after wk3 and a weekend in Birmingham eating carbs) = -o.25lb
@ 05.12.16 – 162.75lbs (weekend away with friends and all the bread…) = -1.5lbs
@ 12.12.16 – 161.25lbs (good running/bad diet week) = -0.5lbs
TOTAL LOSS (since 13.10.16) = 16.25lbs (over 9% of body weight)



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