Year-End Review

I am not sure when I set up my Goals & PBs page, but I listed the below as my goals for 2016:

  • Run 400 Miles
  • 1 mile: 8:30
  • 5k: sub-30
  • 5mile: sub-50
  • 10k: sub-65
  • Half Marathon: sub-2:30
  • Marathon: complete one

In summary – I have not done too well at achieving these…

Run 400 miles – DONE! I am on track to beat 600 miles actually, so not too bad! (Will forget that if I had kept it all up post-marathon I could be on for 800…)
Mile: sub-8:30 – nope. PB remains at 9:10 (22.09.15)
5k: sub-30 – nope. PB remains at 31:10 (01.08.15)
5m: sub-50 – nope. And not really achievable if my 5k goal is sub-30… PB remains at 52:48 (20.04.16)
10k: sub-65 – nope. Though I am now in the 65 arena, with a PB of 65:28 (20.04.16)
Half: sub-2:30 – nope.  Though I haven’t been concentrating on the half distance and only now I am just working back up to double-digit distance runs post-marathon (& laziness)
Complete a Marathon – HELL YEAH! I did that! I covered that distance! Maybe even a little more with running (walking) around people, and in a time of 5:43:30. Hoping to bring this down in 2017 🙂

I could beat myself up and be annoyed that I started the year so well; completing my marathon training, running 3 races in 13 days and reaching my 400 mile goal, before dropping it all to laze about in the summer when I could have used all that fitness to concentrate on speeding up and smashing those goals…


I can be proud that I completed that marathon, that I am now getting back into it with my eyes wide open and with some experience and knowledge behind me, that this year I did more than I ever could have imagined (running-wise) and take that confidence to try it all again in 2017.

The latter sounds better, right?


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