Ranscombe Winter Challenge

Saxons, Vikings & Norman Challenges run a quarterly event at the Ranscombe Farm Nature Reserve. I ran this last year in April as something to do near my birthday. That time around I managed three laps, totalling a half marathon (should have been a 17 mile marathon training run, but a hilly, muddy half was […]

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Change of (training) plans

I had it in mind thatĀ I would run another marathon this spring, possibly on the anniversary of my first (end-May). All my friends were to be running London or Brighton, and I thought I would join them in the pain of training and do one again myself. But that has all changed – no marathon, […]

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Happy New Month!

Everyone is already bored of being told ‘Happy New Year’, as if it makes a difference. It is a different date, a different month, but that is it. Having said that I will try and make some changes (these are NOT resolutions): Make time for ‘dates’ with Adam – at least once a month (which […]

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