Happy New Month!

Everyone is already bored of being told ‘Happy New Year’, as if it makes a difference. It is a different date, a different month, but that is it.

Having said that I will try and make some changes (these are NOT resolutions):

  • Make time for ‘dates’ with Adam – at least once a month (which sounds a bit pathetic being that we have real restrictions on our time, but we don’t ‘date’ now, so any improvement will be good)
  • Get back on the diet as much as I can (Christmas and New Year were not great for avoiding carbs. I ate all of the bread. It was delicious.)
  • Make monthly goals (as per previous post)
  • Complete another marathon ( /run as much as I can – until I find a sport I actually like!)
  • Run a new parkrun course each month
  • Get the house up to scratch: fill cracks, paint bare walls etc.

So here goes!20161231_143748.jpg


  • Date – already booked for the night before Adam’s birthday – dinner & drinks out in London 🙂
  • Diet – stick with the yogurt & honey for breakfast, salads/low-carb meal for lunch, allow a bit of flex with dinner (for my own sanity), snack as little as possible
  • Goals:
    • Weight:
      • C – get back to pre-Christmas weight (161.25lbs – see below)
      • B – 156lbs (back to my pre-Adam weight [not that I blame him])
      • A – get down to 11 stone (154lbs) – and be the lightest I have been for as long as I can remember
    • Running:
      • Run a half marathon distance (with walk breaks for hills/tiredness) at Ranscombe Winter Challenge (21st Jan)
      • Repeat, if not improve on, 10 mile non-stop run (see below)
      • Run a new parkrun course
      • Adventure run: go somewhere new to run
  • House – we have already started on the bedroom by stripping the wallpaper off, so would be good to get that re-wallpapered and the carpet fitted in January

In other news…

Blog stuff:
I have created a new page: Running Costs in which I literally track how much running costs. Take a look at the detail if you like, but so far, it is only day 4 of 2017 and I have already racked up £240 of spend (actual & committed)…

Just before Christmas I managed to run 10 miles non-stop! It wasn’t fast by any stretch of the imagination, but it was good to get that out of the way (you remember my previous freak-out about his distance during my marathon training). I felt quite happy with that, as, again, I didn’t make it easy on myself, hitting up some hills etc.20161224_085703.jpg

Even better, I then followed it up by running parkrun the next day in what is a good time for me – just under 33 minutes (PB is 31:10 for reference). So that was a nice surprise 🙂

A half marathon distance is the next logical step, but that may be a many-stopped run on a hilly, muddy Ranscombe course in a couple of weeks. That should put me in good stead though for the Brighton Half Marathon which we have just signed up for at the end of February.

@ 12.12.16 – 161.25lbs
@ 19.12.16 – 161.25lbs (no change!) = 0lbs
@ 28.12.16 – 162.5lbs (not too bad as it was Christmas) = +1.25lb
@ 02.01.17 – 164.75lbs (oops!) = +2.25lbs

TOTAL LOSS (since 13.10.16) = 16.25lbs (over 9% of body weight) 12.75lbs (now only 7%)


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