Change of (training) plans

I had it in mind that I would run another marathon this spring, possibly on the anniversary of my first (end-May). All my friends were to be running London or Brighton, and I thought I would join them in the pain of training and do one again myself.

But that has all changed – no marathon, but a plan to get faster.

I have always been slow – going sub-10min/mile is an event for me; a rare one at that! And that is not going to get any better unless I spend some time on getting faster.

I could spend all my time getting up to marathon distance, but unless those individual mile times come down, I will probably never be happy with whatever I time I get.

So, the marathon training plan distances have been deleted from my spreadsheet, a couple of 5ks have been popped in for this week (to keep me going before Ranscombe) and a new plan will have to be found.

I know that this will mean intervals, which I have always hated, but actually imagining getting a 5k PB gave me a little thrill of excitement last night, so I am hoping that feeling will stick with me when I have to go do them.

I would still like to run a marathon this year, maybe even Stort30 which Adam ran (end-October) but while I am young(er than I will be) I should get some speed in so I can be better going forward.

Old plan – run another marathon (running more of it this time)
New plan – get faster: run sub-30 5k / sub-63 10k / sub-2:30 half

I have the Ranscombe Winter Challenge this Saturday and have set my goals as: C – 1 lap (4.4m), B – 2 laps (8.8m), A – 3 laps (13.2m). I ran this course back in April and managed a half (3 laps) in just over 3 hours, so if I can do the same that would be great (even though it will be colder, and wetter, and I haven’t trained nearly as much so hopes are not high) and then I can get started on creating the new, faster Claire.

Brighton Half Marathon is booked for end-Feb, 6 weeks away, so I will have 5 weeks of keeping up the distance on weekends, and then introducing some speed work during the week, but it will set a nice baseline.

Plans, plans, plans! Love it 🙂


In other news:

Weight – managed to lose a 1lb w/e 08/01 which was very unexpected! Not hoping for much on tonight’s weigh-in though as I have been baking and eating giant cookies…

Cotswold 24hr race – we looked at this last year, and maybe it seems more do-able this year as we have friends who will be able to run far  to join in (that’s you Jo!). We have a team of 3 now, so looking at ~33miles each over 24 hours. Oh, hang on, I will now not be marathon fit… oh well! More laps for everyone else to enjoy! Should get this booked before we change our minds!

Work – my (10%) unpaid leave came to an end in 2016 (though I am still paying for in – January will be lean this year!), but I have approached HR and my line manager about taking a sabbatical: 3 months with no work (and no pay). It sounds fantastic, but also very scary (don’t want to waste the time or lose all the money). Next steps are to work out when I want it and formally request it. (Will explore this in another blog post I think.)


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