Brighton Half Marathon

Yesterday I ran the Brighton Half Marathon. This was to be a lot of firsts: My first Half Marathon race My first full road race The first race I had run with more than ~500 people First time staying away from home for a race I was running And in the end I achieved: All of the […]

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Unpaid Leave v2.0

Last year I took 5 days of unpaid leave in the form of every other Friday off for 4 months (it was supposed to be 7 but HR messed it up and I had to take annual leave instead). I was told I could only do this for a few months, otherwise it would have to […]

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February Plans

February: Date – still to be booked, but we have the day off on 13/02 (post Adam’s Bowiethon marathon) so maybe a nice lunch out somewhere Diet – try not to eat all the bad things, but I am enjoying some (too many) nice things at the moment, so maybe just not to beat myself up about […]

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January Review

OK, so a bit late, but time to review my January goals and see how I did: January: Date – already booked for the night before Adam’s birthday – dinner & drinks out in London  – it was in Rochester and it was done, enjoyed & all very lovely! Diet – stick with the yogurt & […]

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Gal with a Plan

As I am now no longer focusing on distance but instead on getting faster, Adam helped me (i.e. he told me what to write) create a training plan for the hour weeks leading up to the first of my two half marathons. Yes, two. In two weeks. My friend Sarah, who is running the London […]

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