January Review

OK, so a bit late, but time to review my January goals and see how I did:


  • Date – already booked for the night before Adam’s birthday – dinner & drinks out in London 🙂 – it was in Rochester and it was done, enjoyed & all very lovely!
  • Diet – stick with the yogurt & honey for breakfast, salads/low-carb meal for lunch, allow a bit of flex with dinner (for my own sanity), snack as little as possible – sort of yes, sort of no: yogurt and honey for breakfast: yes, followed by a pastry most days… yes, lots of salads for lunch, but mainly accompanied by some crisps… and dinner has been up and down too: there were some pizzas and a takeaway and lots of eating out for Adam’s birthday. And there were many snacks of biscuits, cake and crisps. It was all oh, oh, so good though!
  • Goals:
    • Weight:
      • C – get back to pre-Christmas weight (161.25lbs – see below) – nope, nope, nopiddy-nope
      • B – 156lbs (back to my pre-Adam weight [not that I blame him]) – definitely not
      • A – get down to 11 stone (154lbs) – and be the lightest I have been for as long as I can remember – hell no!
    • Running:
      • Run a half marathon distance (with walk breaks for hills/tiredness) at Ranscombe Winter Challenge (21st Jan) – hell yeah! And with a 12 min course PB!
      • Repeat, if not improve on, 10 mile non-stop run (see below) – this didn’t happen. I ran only 3 x 5ks prior to Ranscombe in January, but was very chuffed with the result, and the distance covered even if it was with a lot of walking (but less than I expected I would do)
      • Run a new parkrun course – yes, Shorne Woods parkrun completed 07/01
      • Adventure run: go somewhere new to run – not really, as have walked Shorne Woods before, but it was new to run in!
  • House – we have already started on the bedroom by stripping the wallpaper off, so would be good to get that re-wallpapered and the carpet fitted in January – I did make some progress with this, in that I ordered some wallpaper samples, but they were all hideous so decided to lining paper it and paint it. But it was just a decision, not an action. And now I may have changed my mind again and have ordered more wallpaper samples…

Lots to fix in February right…?


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