February Review

OK, so once again a bit late, but time to review my February goals and see how I did:


  • Date – still to be booked, but maybe a nice lunch out somewhere – lunch out in Upnor 13/02 (day after Bowiethon)
  • Diet – try not to eat all the bad things, but I am enjoying some (too many) nice things at the moment, so maybe just not to beat myself up about it all, as life is worth eating living! – I can’t say I remember what I did diet-wise, but I stayed level in terms of weight, so nothing massively bad or particularly good!
  • Goals:
    • Weight: no ABC on this; I have given up on the diet for now, but I am ramping up on the running so am hoping this will keep me level, if not bring me down a little (on the % fat side, and up on the muscle side) – as above, not up but not down, think that was more down to the running than healthy eating
    • Running:
      • Attempt a half marathon PB at Brighton Half 26/02 (currently 2:37:53 during my marathon last year) – DONE! Smashed my PB and my goal of sub-2:30 with a 2:28:02! You can read all about it here
      • Complete all the cardio/speed intervals that Adam has set me prior to Brighton – all runs in my training completed bar one interval session
      • Run a new parkrun course – already done this for the month: Malling parkrun 04/02 – as already said
      • Adventure run: go somewhere new to run – again, already done this by heading further east along the Saxon Shore way during my 10 mile run this weekend, but still would be good to go further afield – as already said
  • House – this is all on hold for now while I work out what I am doing in regards to a sabbatical (another post required on this) but a few non-practical things need to be done, i.e. move the utilities, get the boiler to stop making such horrible noises etc. which I won’t bore you with any further comment – as already said (again!)  More news on sabbatical to come…

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