Running & Life Updates – March17


Since the Dartford Half Marathon I have not been doing so much of the running… I actually didn’t run at all the week following (there was a 25min recovery static cycle) and then the following week I did nothing until the Saturday (12 whole non-running days) where we went along and ran the Great Lines parkrun.

Adam had seen that they were asking people to wear red in honour of Red Nose Day and it might be fun to go along, so we did. (I was hoping to get in another ‘new’ parkrun for March to stick with the new-parkrun-each-month goal, but I suppose it could just be a-different-parkrun-each-month goal instead!?)

I dug out the only red top I had, which still had the labels on it as I hasn’t decided if I liked it yet, but needs must… I wore it and it was fine. We jogged up there, joined in with a bit of the warm-up that they put on, and then we went off.

Adam has been recovering from being injured these past few weeks, but had been given the OK to start running again. He mentioned starting out at a 20-min pace for the first mile and then see where he was at, which I thought was pushing it a bit and said so. BUT there was no need to be worried apparently! He smashed it out only 6s slower than his course PB (only 15s off of his 5k PB!) with only a bit of soreness to show for it! he was a happy chappy.

I wasn’t going for anything – just a 5k to have something to put onto Strava to remind myself (and the world of course!) that I still ran. Mission accomplished.

I have the Ranscombe Spring Challenge on 8th April, and I am hoping to run another half marathon distance (as I have the last two times there: Spring 2016 and Winter Jan17). This would help me achieve a bit of another goal which I may have made up as it seems to have worked out this way: a Half Marathon each Month; a sort of 12in12 but with half the distance!

It just happens to have happened that I have run/have booked the following this year:

Jan – Ranscombe Winter Challenge (half marathon distance)
Feb – Brighton Half Marathon (though slightly short apparently! Grrr…)
Mar – Dartford Half Marathon
Apr – Ranscombe Spring Challenge
Jul – Ranscombe Summer Challenge
Aug – A Very British Challenge
Sept – Ranscombe Autumn Challenge

So not too far away from a half a month… But then I am supposed to be concentrating on getting faster over shorter distances (5k, 10k), so it may not fit. Plus races are expensive… and I won’t be earning anything for a few months…


I am finally doing it! The request is in to HR (and they had bloody better approve it, or they will be getting a different type of letter!), and the dates are set, and the sums have been done (I will be poor!, and the leaving drinks have been booked!

I will be going on a 4 month sabbatical from mid-May!

It won’t be anywhere near as exciting as my colleague who is taking 12 month out to go travelling (25 countries I think), but will be more about sorting out the house, my family and my mind (that sounds overly-dramatic, and it is – I just mean taking some time for myself).

I need to get some proper plans in place, as everyone tells me that the time will fly by and you don’t want to waste it. Yey! Homework!



Just a quick mention of the awesome weekend we had in Ipswich last week – we went to visit some friends, one of whom is running Brighton Marathon and wanted Adam to accompany her on her final long run of 20-22 miles by running laps around a lake. Even though she had run 20 miles a couple of weeks before. And was perfectly capable of it. But then who am I to deny any one time with Adam…!? It was a good excuse to see some good friends anyway!

So, Adam ran, I got to assist with some shelf-building as well as driving (badly) a Peugeot 206 that has been stripped out for racing, and then there was the consumption of plentiful amounts of alcohol and carbs! So a very different weekend to a normal home-based one. For me anyway!

I also got to visit some of the Kent coast with my Mum for her birthday last week which was lovely 🙂

We really should make more effort to travel around a bit more, and to visit people. I may become desperate to see people soon while I am off work (hard to imagine right now as I am not a people-person!), other than Adam, my family and hopefully some workmen fixing our house that is! We have friends who have moved ‘out’ to the coast, so maybe we should get some time booked in with them too… So many plans, so little time!


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