April Plans

I managed to completely miss out March, but here is April:


  • Date – we are off for two days for my birthday so am sure we will go somewhere nice during that
  • Diet – stick with the yogurt & honey for breakfast, salads/low-carb meal for lunch, allow a bit of flex with dinner (for my own sanity), snack as little as possible – get thinner to help with the running!
  • Goals:
    • Weight:
      • C – lose any weight at all!
      • B – get back to pre-Christmas weight (161.25lbs)
      • A – get down to 11 stone (154lbs) – and be the lightest I have been for as long as I can remember
    • Running:
      • Run another half marathon distance at the Ranscombe Spring Challenge
      • Run a new parkrun course
      • Adventure run: go somewhere new to run, maybe over Easter r my birthday while we are on leave
  • House – get some sort of plan/list ready to tackle during my sabbatical (15/05 – 21/09)

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