The Final Countdown

This Friday I leave my job for 4 whole months.

I have handed over massive chunks of my role to the very capable backfill that is now in place, I have repaid my season ticket loan to work, I have told family & friends… it is actually happening!

I remember the moment, in that training session, back in January, where I was mid-email argument with the work-bitch (see any other post for information) and the trainer had had to stop imparting knowledge to us just so that annoying-woman could go on and on about how her husband’s actions had led to her hurting her back and that meant no more kayaking blah, blah, blah…

I didn’t want to be there anymore. I was wasting my life.

So instead of resigning my job, like a sane person, I just decided to take a sabbatical. Unpaid leave.

Months later, arguments had with HR, form after form completed and it is finally here.

Thank. Bloody. God.

I have gradually been feeling lighter as the days have been passing – as work is handed over, as responsibilities become someone else’s, I can feel myself standing a bit straighter, thinking a bit clearer; just feeling better.

Last night I lay in bed thinking of what happens after this week ends. The options are endless; I can do anything for 18 weeks. It’s gonna be well weird!

I have a loooonng list of things I want to achieve while I am off, and I need to make sure I do as much as I can, as I have heard that it is easy to waste the time, waste the money you could have earned, and waste this opportunity to make my life, and myself, better.

So, wish me luck! And send money! 😛



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