The first day of the rest of my sabbatical

Today was the first day of my sabbatical from work. Actually, it is the fist day of a week of leave, prior to my sabbatical which begins next Monday.

I have achieved great things today! I have:

  • Done the washing up
  • Cleared the dishwasher
  • Caught up on two episodes of Coronation Street (during lunch)
  • Done ALL of the ironing – nice!
  • Watched two episodes of Line of Duty (while ironing)

Yep, that is it. Not a great start, but as Adam has been telling me, I should treat this week as leave, so I should relax and basically do what I want. It’s hard to know what that is!

Tomorrow I have slightly more structure as I have an opticians appointment, which will at least get me out of bed earlier than today.

I need to make sure I use the rest of this week to work out how to exist in the next 18 weeks to not waste this time I have been given/I have taken. But I think I can justify a relaxed day today 🙂

Also, here was my weekend in pictures – leaving drinks (very drunken: felt it all day Saturday!), a hard, slow 10k run with new hand bottle, playing with Skye the dog and a friend’s baby shower (no decent picture of that):


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