Sabbatical Update: Weeks 1-3

I am now at the end of week three of my 19 week sabbatical. So what have I achieved so far?


  • Booked a holiday with Adam and my Mum (Rhodes in only a couple of weeks)
  • A few household-y tidying – clearing the cellar, changing the kitchen door handles
  • Lunches with friends/my Dad – completed/booked
  • Looked after the lovely Pepo overnight – helping out my Dad who was overbooked with dogs
  • Pension paperwork – have documented all my Dad’s pensions so we can try and release some money for him to play with

In Progress

  • Growing out my eyebrows – need to get me into some sort of shape up there!
  • Learning Spanish – have been using the Duolingo app and I am now 3% fluent apparently!
  • Meditation – sometimes for relaxation, sometimes as I’ve needed it (see below)
  • Getting the large crack in our wall looked at – a friend’s Dad came to check the house wasn’t falling down, which it might not be; more investigation is required
  • Exfoliating – I have an awesome charcoal based facial scrub which seems to be doing wonders for my skin. Either that, or a lack of commute means less spots!
  • Getting back into running – it’s much easier to run in the morning when it is cooler, than do it after a day’s work in the heat of the day, which makes it mentally and physically more achievable

Still to do


I haven’t achieved much in this time, and it is slightly worrying, but it’s not feeling like a problem. Yet.

Though… Last Friday I was watching some nonsense on the TV at ~9:30, and I couldn’t for the life of me think of what I should/could be doing. I felt overwhelmed, and slightly panicked and really stressed. So I took myself upstairs, into the back bedroom, sat on the bed in the sunlight and ran through a Headspace meditation session. They are only 10 mins long and I’ve used them on and off in the past few month, but do find that they do help.

10 minutes later, I felt calmer, clearer and more focused as I threw myself into the cellar and started moving things about, pulling cupboards down off the wall, dismantling furniture and driving it all to the tip! I probably spent 4 hours down there that day, and although the room didn’t look much different, I felt like I had DONE something. Finally.

It’s only a couple of weeks now until Adam is free from work too, and we have the holiday almost immediately after, but then we will need to get on to it – get some people in to do some things, and make some changes to this house. I feel I have a lot of ideas, but have no idea how to execute these things, and in which order. Maybe I can spend the week in Greece picking Adam’s brain and planning. In the sun, feet in water, cocktail to hand… Or maybe I should just get it down now…

THERE’S SO MUCH TO DO!!! I’m not panicking. Really. :S

It’ll get done, or it won’t.

In other news, we have signed up to the Black Phoenix 6-hour event on 10th June, as I was struggling to fit in a June half marathon and this fits in. It starts at 16:00 on the Saturday, it is 3.28 mile laps along the Thames path, and you have to wear a head torch if you are still running after 20:00. I hope to have my half finished by then(!) but maybe I will feel good and go further, so will take one along – am looking forward to maybe using it actually –  will need to get used to it ahead of the Cotswold 24hr race in July anyway!


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